Driving with prolapse


Hello ladies, I'm new on the forum and I'm diagnosed with all 3 kinds of prolapse. I've started to watch the First Aid video and I do the exercises and postural changes.
I'm wondering if you have any suggestion for driving since the position in the car seat is exactly what we're not supposed to do: leaning back.
The same thing I noticed sleeping on my back, which is the opposite direction we're trying to move our inner organs towards. Sleeping on the belly seems to be the better choice but it's very uncomfortable for the neck.
I'd really appreciate your experience on these 2 subjects.
Thank you, Heidi

Hi namow,
Yes, seating of all kinds are not kind to the natural human form!
I don't drive very much but when I do I sit as close to WWP as I can, adjusting myself so that I sit as upright as possible and remember to keep my chin slightly tucked as well.
You could also put a wedge shaped cushion on the seat to even up the angle, and also put something behind your lower back to help keep the lumbar curve.
Initially I used to put something behind my back, and make sure that my jeans/pants are not too tight while sitting - I use elastics for the hair to extend the opening between the button hole and the button.
I can find that I am brushing the ceiling of the car with my head if I sit up too straight! If I could I would lower the seat downward a bit to see if that helped... if anyone does that they have to keep in mind that the knees can't be higher than the hips when seated...in that case, a small foam wedge to even up the seat so that it is going from very narrow at the front so as not to raise the height of the seat and getting thick enough toward the back so that it only fills in the level needed and no higher...

As with lying in bed, on the back is fine because the organs are not subject to the back and downward intra abdominal pressure as they are when we are up and about. I find it the most comfortable position.

If you look up posts for driving, when you are logged in you can click on a contributor's name - Louiseds and read her posts on making a bolster type cushion, for her lumbar curve, for her car. She drives much further than me to her town, so it is a good idea and transferable to other vehicles also!

All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

Thank you so much, Aussie Soul Sister for your very helpful tips.I'll experiment with them and hopefully find a solution that works for me.