Straining on the toilet


As mentioned a few weeks ago, I have a really frustrating problem called "Pelvic Floor Dyssynergia". It means I have long, frequent, **hugely** stressful and often unsuccessful attempts to move my bowels.

When the urge to go gets really bad I end up straining (including taking a deep breath and holding it whilst pushing) - it normally gets me some relief in the end - but I was wondering if anyone else has ever been in this position?

Hi TD - you have posted several times about this. I'm wondering if you've started the Whole Woman postural work, and if so, how is it going? - Surviving

Haven't posted in a long time. However, I thought this might be helpful. What you eat and how your bowels move are related.
The one thing I noticed when I changed to a plant based diet my bowels moved with no strain of difficulty. This happened within a week of changing my diet. I have been following Christine since 2008 and I know she can help solve your problem. While diet is important don't forget your Whole Woman Posture . They work together.

Hi TD,
That sounds really painful and frustrating; I agree with others that diet can make a huge difference, although there are some specific veggies that can help more than others, like beets. Although I don't have this condition, for many of us who struggle with constipation or straining and rectocele, there are a few other things to try like adding magnesium citrate powder to your diet (I heat about 2 tbs of juice per tsp of it, you get used to the taste), sometimes oils (like MCT oil) can help "lubricate" your system better too. If stress is also part of this, I wonder if Christine's exercises where you lie with a pillow under your lower back area and do deep breathing for several minutes might also help. Plus it's great for hip and prolapse relief.
Lastly, be sure you are leaning forward, as per WW toileting technique, to take as much strain as possible off your rectal area to help prevent rectocele. Oh, and many women try "splinting"--have you tried that (putting a finger in your vagina to help move along the stool)? Good luck, keep reading and searching for help!

Thanks Everhale.

The stress makes it worse because I sit on the toilet, fully aware that I am "trying" and nothing is happening, and I tense up even more.

I haven't tried splinting - but I do try different ways of sitting on the toilet (so embarrassing), ranging from raising feet up to squatting to leaning all the way back on the seat...

So frustrating!

Hi again TD - there is a good sale going on for a couple more days. At the very least, you will want to pick up Christine's Fundamentals course - very affordable and it sounds like something you could use:

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- Surviving

Thanks Surviving60 - this is *really* helpful thank you. I will definitely give this a try.

I would love to be able to go to the toilet 'normally' again so hopefully this will help - it's difficult to explain but it's like the muscles have forgotten what they need to do, and the longer you sit on the toilet (realising that nothing is happening) the lack of coordination gets worse until you give up. I get so close to having a bowel movement and getting relief - but just can't! Argh!