Is it important to know what is prolapsing?


It's been several months since I discovered that I had a prolapse and began the Whole Woman posture, exercises, etc. I have not been to a doctor to get an official diagnosis to know for sure what is causing the bulge and discomfort, though I suspect it is bladder. I assume the Whole Woman treatment is the same, regardless, is that correct?
By the way, I feel so much better now, except when doing particular activities, such as leaning over to put in and take things out of the dryer and dishwasher. I also find that my protrusion and irritation increase after doing lots of gardening work such as mulching and digging. Will this always be a problem?

You're absolutely correct, the WW work is the same regardless of which prolapse(s) you have. I myself have never asked for or received any kind of formal diagnosis. You can see a doctor if you are worried that there is more going on than prolapse......but if you have no reason to suspect that, then you might want to spare yourself the unhelpful diagnosis and prolapse advice you are likely to receive. A prolapse Dx is very subjective and it's just a snapshot of the organs which are always moving around.

Here is the self-exam:

Leaning over as you describe, is one of the pitfalls when it comes to posture. Try to train yourself to hinge at the hips and keep that lumbar curvature as you bend. This will get easier, and it's really just a matter of remembering. Bending at the waist flattens lumbar curvature and will increase your symptoms. We can't always be in good posture. But a good posture walk or WW workout or a good session of firebreathing can go a long way to set things right again. - Surviving

I used to feel my prolapse more when loading the washer and dryer - it's a lot of bending and movement in a short time, kinda hard to maintain posture.
There was a picture posted somewhere of an african woman working in a field - and I always use that as my guide - she was bent over at the hops, legs wide, working using only her arms.
i plant my feet far apart, toes turned slightly outward, then hinge forward at hips (i still need to bend my knees a little bit to maintain lumbar curve) I relax my belly forward, and try to stay that way and only move my arms...
i stand in between the washer and dryer and grab, twist, throw without moving my lower body... looks ridiculous but it's just me in my basement :)
I do this same pose while washing the bathroom - that was another time i was not in posture because I'm tall and when I wipe the counters, wipe the mirror, i was leaning forward. so I stand legs far apart, kinda hinge forward at the hips (kinda like a sumo wrestler) and do all my wiping in this position without moving my lower body too much. I also picture my organs resting against the inside of my abdominal wall...