What kind of bike?


Hi, now that summer is near, I would like to bike outside with my kids. I saw the video with Christine biking and I want to purchase a bike where I can sit in the right posture. I have searched the forums and can't find any recommendations for bike brands. I live in Canada and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good bike and also what is a good seat that would be comfortable?
Thank you.


Here is the biking video, for those who have not seen it:


I think you just need to study the video, to learn what to look for in a bike, and maybe try out a few before you buy. Seat height looks to me to be the most critical thing, and that is always a matter of adjustment with any bike. And you might need to shop around for a better seat; if you can't find something like the one in the video, at least look for something softer and more anatomical than those hard seats that some bikes have. Other suggestions welcome, from experienced WW bikers. - Surviving

Yes, there are so many different bikes out there, from your more racy ones to your ride around town casual. The best thing to do is find a bike that fits you, and the only place to really do that well is a bike shop. They can fit you with the right size bike as well as make the proper adjustments.
Seat adjustment is really important, because if you are too high, your hips will be rocking, and then causing all kinds of back and hip pain. And, if too low, you can have front knee pain. I'm lucky that I have a husband that is really knowledgeable about bikes and can make those adjustments for me, but I think a reputable bike shop owner would set you up well.
I agree with surviving, a good bike seat or saddle is very important for a comfortable ride. I have certainly been through my fair share of them. It doesn't necessarily need to be a big soft cushy one, but it does need to fit you properly. It should be wide enough to fit your sit bones, otherwise you are going to have a whole new set of pains on your hands.
Once you have found your bike, do make sure to follow the posture principles while on it. We can tend to round our backs and slouch forward when we tire, so be conscious of that.
I have two bikes right now: a giant road bike that I have had for years, but my hubby and I have been doing some tours, so he bought me a giant touring bike, and I just love the fit of this one. I have the same bike seat for both, the widest specialized out there, and have been doing fine with it. There is also what is called a brooks saddle which actually takes the shape of your bottom over time; these can be quite expensive, but some people just swear by them.
Hope that helps some. Just know that a proper fitting bike will give you so much more enjoyment, no matter what kind you actually end up with.