Avoiding UTI with cystocele


I've been seen at the doctor and definitively have a UTI. I was practicing WW potty posture by half squatting as well as urinating on all fours in the shower, but I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong. When half squatting, I feel like I am holding on to the urine some and it takes effort to 'let down' (sorry can't find another term) in order to go. In the shower I feel like I have to 'push' it out forcefully. Wonder if I'm doing something wrong or if there is another tried and true position in order to fully vacate my bladder so I can clear this UTI up and prevent them from coming back. This is my first one in about 6 years and the first since finding my cystocele a couple months ago. I'm also getting honey today to use vaginally as was suggested here and have been taking probiotics since starting the antibiotics. I've never had bacteria issues but don't want to start now. I can say that a little while before the UTI (couple days) I was inserting my fingers and pushing the bladder back up above (over?) my public bone inside...I maybe shouldn't do that as it introduced bacteria into the urethra? So it's hard to say if it's from not emptying, the pushing the bladder back up, or both. I'm thinking that maybe I don't have to push it back up if the squatting does that on it's own? I feel like the FAFP video mainly addresses defecating not urinating. Any tips for emptying completely would be so appreciated! What would leaning more forward do?? Thanks all! What would I do without this site?! Sorry for any TMI visuals, lol!!

As long as your hands are clean, I can't imagine you would do yourself any harm pushing the bladder wherever you need to, in order to help you go. I can't really answer your questions, though. This might be time to bring up the tummy tuck.......it does not prevent you from benefiting from the WW work, but as Christine has explained, it is a very invasive procedure. I myself don't understand the anatomy clearly enough to know to what extent it may present special challenges in this area. I know it was awhile ago, and many of your issues are more recent, but that doesn't mean there is no connection. I think you might just have to work this out for yourself, unless anyone who is in a similar situation can help. - Surviving

Thank you S60! I've been thinking the same thing regarding the TT and ways that it is inhibiting going. The strange thing is I never get UTIs regularly. I think it's because the bladder is having trouble emptying now with the cystocele but need to find a way to empty that works for me. Maybe someone has a positional technique that's worked for them the can share. I appreciate your response:-)