Smelly Discharge :(


Hello Everyone.....I've been reading everything I can on prolapse. It can be overwhelming sometimes. I've noticed lately that I have a smelly discharge and I haven't had one of those in years. I'm 58 and already thru menopause or maybe I'm still in was never that bad for me. But just wondering if the honey would help this or if anyone else has suggestions I would truly appreciate it. Thanks :)

Forgot to ask about other types of lubricants. The PT I was going to said to use olive oil. Just dab some in there and it takes care of the dryness. Anyone use olive oil or coconut oil? I'm so afraid to use these because of infections. Any ideas anyone??

Hi bottoms-up,
You could have an infection; it would be hard for us to say for sure. If it is something that is really concerning, you could go get it checked out by your doctor.
Alternating honey and vinegar has also been suggested by Christine and tried by many of the ladies on the forum, so you could try that.
Honey is probably the best overall lubricant for the post menopausal vagina feeding the natural bacteria there, and creating the best environment.

I have used a dab of raw organic local honey twice a day in my vagina for the past year and more and I am convinced it is the natural answer as Christine suggests. I also use raw organic coconut oil every day to stop chaffing on the outside especially if walking for hours. This works so well for me that I take both where ever I travel!
I had a bad infection after swimming in an overcrowded pool once but bought Canasten on line and that cleared it up. afterwards I have only used the natural recommendations above.good luck.

This condition is extremely common at the menopausal transition. Restoring healthy microbiology is the only answer - and honey is our only natural prebiotic that will call in the native flora from our own environment. A few squirts of 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water to the outside (vulva) can only help as well.

Thanks ladies.....I finally broke down and went to my GP and yes I did have a infection....ughhh. Antibiotics for a few days. But I'm still itching. Drives me nuts because the itching is making the prolapse seem worse. Any ideas on what to do for the itching? I've never used the honey doctor gave me Vitamin E suppositories for the dryness. I'm kind of leery on what I insert into my body because of the side effects.

I've been on Thyroid meds for a couple years and a few weeks ago my doctor increased the dosage. I'm wondering since I haven't had a infection in years if this would have caused it. Thanks for your helps to know others are going thru this too.

Why haven't you tried the honey/vinegar? - Surviving

I did ask my doctor about the honey and she said she would not recommend it. I think I'm going to give it a try though because it seems to be working for a lot of you ladies! Will the vinegar/water help with the itching? What kind of cider?? Thanks.

Hi bottoms -up,
That's the difference between holistic and conventional medicine. Of course your doctor is going to disagree, but then how much research has she actually done on the subject? Christine has done a lot of research and if you go through her videos on vaginal and digestive health, you can also learn more about it. Sometimes studying something for yourself is the best route to take.
You can use either vinegar, just make sure you dilute it as Christine suggest, and use a spray bottle to spray it on.