19 Year Old With Prolapse Needs Help


Hello everyone, I am SFGiantsGirl and I am 19 years old. Ever since I was 12 or 13 I noticed a bulge in my vagina that was sometimes there sometimes not, and never a problem. Now I am 19 and in January had another UTI and was very sick. I had an incident in which I was straining on the toilet, diarrhea, and vomiting. After that fateful day everything started to hurt down there. Every time I go #2, my bladder hurts like hell. Every time I took a step, my bladder would hurt. I felt like I constantly had to go to the bathroom. I went to my primary care lady who I told her that I had prolapse. She checked me (while lying down) and said there was nothing wrong. I absolutely knew she was wrong. I went to her a second time and she insisted that I didn't have prolapse. I have had uterine prolapse since age 12/13, but now everything was prolapsed and I was sure of it. I was passed around different doctors and finally was sent to a woman's center for advanced pelvic surgery. There they confirmed that I had stage 2 prolapse all around, meaning I have stage 2 uterine, bladder, and rectal prolapse. I have never been pregnant. I have been dealing with this for 5 months now and I feel so hopeless. I am only 19 years old and this shouldn't be happening to me. Many of the urogyns or regular gyns told me that stage 2 prolapses should not be causing the amount of pain and irritation that I am having. I feel like that is insane because nothing ever hurt until my bladder and rectum also fell down. I am currently doing physical therapy and reverse kegels per the instruction of my physical therapist but nothing is reducing the pain. I have been twice fitted for pessaries but none of them work. Every single pessary does not provide relief and everything just feels better when the pessary is out. I am in college trying to pursue an accounting degree. I also have no job and am living with my mom. I cannot hold down a job because of the pure pain that I am in. I have been told by my doctors that they do not want to do any repairs because it will most likely happen again. I have decided on my own that I will not be wanting to have any children vaginally. It is devastating to me but I just do not want to hurt or make anything worse. I would surely appreciate some advice on how to stop hurting and feeling like I constantly have to pee. My life is supposed to be getting started and I am stuck because of my condition. My schooling is affected and I haven't even done any internship work needed to graduate. I feel like if this doesn't go away soon my life will spin out of control. Any advice is welcome and thank you so much for reading my post.

Hi SFGiantsGirl,

I am sure that the official and knowledgeable people on here will reply ASAP but in the meantime, I can assure you that things will change -and fast- if you start with the whole woman posture and exercises. There's no easy fix offered by the medical professionals, you know that already from the things that you have tried. But there is a solution to prolapse and the symptoms you describe. I had that constant urge to pee and was also plagued with UTIs from a young age. I have now got five children and am able to never wear a pantyliner and have full confidence in my continence thanks to WW. But best of all have got rid of the constant urge to pee which for me was not just because of UTIs but also pelvic organ misalignment. Read up all the relevant forum posts, start sitting up/standing/walking in WW posture and fire-breathing and you will see a fast improvement. Good luck!

Hi SFGG - some good advice just given - so now please try to take a deep breath and know that things will be OK. Prolapse is extremely common and is manageable without dangerous surgeries. I won't try and tell you that it's common and widespread at your age, but it's certainly not unheard of, and you seem to have the right kind of history to set you up for it. You will be fine. Those of us who "discovered" our prolapse much later in life, came to realize that the signs were there years and sometimes decades before. And we spent all those years/decades doing all the wrong things. An opportunity to start this work at a young age, post-partum in some cases, and even earlier in your case......is actually a wonderful thing. Please do take a look around. My favorite short video for getting an overview of what Whole Woman is all about, is below. - Surviving


Thank you both for your replies. I was wondering if anyone has any every day tips to reduce the constant urge to urinate that I have. I would say that this problem with the prolapse is the most agonizing for me. I do understand quite well that this will be a long process, just wondering if anyone has tips for things that I can do everyday to alleviate the pain and urge. Thank you

Are you absolutely certain that you are emptying completely, at least once a day? WW toileting position where you lift a little bit up and forward off the seat, tilts the prolapsed bladder to the correct angle so that urine isn't trapped. Getting down on hands and knees in the shower is another way to make sure you are really draining. This is so important, given your history and the symptoms you experience. Moving the organs forward against the lower abdominal wall, and away from the pelvic outlet, is the goal. - Surviving

Hi, I had the same - constatn urge - few weeks ago for 3 months...Than I have started WW posture and after 4 weeks it stopped within walking in posture...It was amaizing..Than I came home, sit on the floor and stand up and it started again....I found out that it occures because of bad moving...What hepls me - getting down on hands and knees in the shower and urinate in this way during all day, sleep on right side, a lot of watter for drink, of course WW posture as much as possible and be very carefull during changin of positions - lay - sit -stand up, .....Belly

I also want to offer some encouragement, and assure you that you are not alone and that you are taking steps early in your life so it's likely you will be able to get a handle on this and have a full, healthy and hopefully pain free life ahead of you!
I would also like to add that using honey vaginally is another great thing to try that Christine talks about in some of her videos. It helps get the "good" bacteria into your system which will also help your bladder. I use it in the shower, about 1/4 tsp on your finger and coat as much of your vaginal canal as you can reach. It will also be attracted to the bladder and should have some benefit over time, but do it every day to build up the friendly bacteria (which feed off the honey).
I also wonder if you could change clothing you might wear? Most 19 year olds I know wear pretty tight pants (I know I"m making some assumptions here, sorry), but for me, once I gave up trying to wear anything tight on my belly, it truly helped because I wasn't constantly pushing my organs back when they needed to come forward into natural alignment. The breathing and exercises and putting the curve into your lower back are all about allowing the pelvic organs to stay forward where they should be.
Lastly, I wonder if you are eating any foods that cause inflammation in your bladder which may be the cause of the constant urge to pee. For me, I found cutting out certain foods had a huge effect upon my urges; it felt like my bladder wasn't "irritated" anymore and it calmed down and I lost the need and urge to pee constantly. Using applied kinesiology is an example of way to test for foods and what isn't restorative to your body.
Good luck! Keep us posted,

Thank you everybody for the responses. I have another question that I have been pondering on for a while. Every time I have to pass stool, it is always difficult but I try not to strain. After I have partially evacuated (because I have not been able to fully evacuate in 5 months) my bladder immediately feels better...for like 1 minute. After that 1 minute, my bladder becomes insanely irritated and that specific irritation persists for an hour or so. This happens after every single bowel movement. A really short period of total relief and then severe irritation. Does anyone know what is going on? Is my bladder spasming? Is it my muscles? I am very confused and would appreciate any and all answers. Thank you!

I am sure that Whole Woman toileting practices will help this....you may want to start your work by obtaining the Fundamentals program, which covers basic posture and toileting. We all need to push a little, but keeping the organs in a protected position while doing so, can help you evacuate without aggravating the prolapse. - Surviving

Thank you everyone for your responses. I believe I am going to have to find help elsewhere. It seems as though everyone is suggesting I buy all these products, when I was hoping I could actually get answers on the forum.

Hi SFGiantsGirl,
The forum is actually here in support of Christine's work, so that is why everyone is trying to direct you to the best products for your situation. But, you can stay and keep reading the forum and site in the meantime as you may still find some helpful information here.
Keep reading and best wishes.

I have exactly the same... but i read further down that you were leaving this site, i think it would help us both to know we are not alone ☺.. please let me know if you're still here?