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Does it help any to try to push things back into place? I was having a great day until I had a bowel movement and now its dropped again. Any suggestions around that? Hope these aren't dumb questions but I have literally only been dealing with this for about 10 days now so its all new to me.


I know how you feel. Keeping your bowels moving without any straining is paramount. You can be having a good few days and then a bad movement can spoil it all. I am plant based so I eat lots of fruit and veg, and I don't eat wheat because I find that bungs me up. I don't know about pushing anything back though. When I'm having a bad day, I console myself knowing that it will pass.
Love Lamby

I used to do this before I learned WW, and even then I realized it was pretty useless to push my 'celes around. Better to do some jiggling and firebreathing to move things forward again, followed by diligent monitoring of posture. Good toileting position is important, because even if you aren't particularly straining, you can temporarily worsen your symptoms when you go, but it needn't be this way. You'll be fine. It sounds like you are symptom-free for a good part of your day, so posture and good toileting position will go a long way! - Surviving

Thank you so much for all the support. I have been having some chafing down there, what is best to use? I did get the raw honey, but that's for inside, correct?

Hi jamesdmom,
Yes, keep using the honey for all over vaginal health. You can put a little barrier cream, coconut oil, olive oil etc. for the immediate chafing. If you are curious about more, type some key words in the search box. Lots of great reading here on the forum.

Hi! I am brand new here, waiting for the new course to become available. I have only had one incidence where I thought I must be experiencing a prolapse but I'm not positive. I went to the bathroom after a strenuous day of lifting and working and when I wiped there was something hard at the very opening of my vagina. I was really freaked out so I laid with my hips elevated for a couple of hours and it seemed to go away. Hoping that I can find answers as I read through the forum.
Now, my question is, I am almost 52, I have had 7 babies (all vaginal births) and I haven't really had any symptoms of menopause. I have always had easy periods but lately I am having a very watery discharge that gushes out for a week or so and then when I start my cycle there are lots of large blood clots (about 2" x 1"), has anyone experienced this? Is it a symptom of perimenopause? It is almost like the plasma from the blood is coming out and then the clots? Does that make sense? After the clots come out I have 5-10 minutes of sitting on the toilet waiting to stop bleeding enough that when I stand up I don't soak my pad. Hoping to find out if others have this same issue? Thanks so much!

Hi rrhbasket - there is no reason to wait to purchase resources. As explained in the newsletter (link posted below), everyone will be upgraded or have a choice of product when the time comes. Better for you to get started on the WW work.

At 52, unless your family history is wildly different, you are most surely in perimenopause, and anything goes. We can't give medical advice here on the forum, but others may want to share their experiences. Christine herself had a major "purge" of the uterus at menopause. . - Surviving

UPDATE - the new product is available for purchase now, at a significant savings for the next few days. Here is a link in case you didn't receive the e-mail:

Hi. This is Neneth. I'm a new member of this forum. Looking forward to learn new things from you and I would be glad to share my knowledge as well. Thanks. :)

Hi Neneth and welcome. We will be happy to hear about your experiences with the Whole Woman work, and/or answer any questions you might have. Be sure to read our forum guidelines using the link at the top left of this page. - Surviving