Whole Woman Posture and Firebreathing


I have ordered your videos, read your book, scoured your website and read the forum regularly. However, I still have not found a detailed description of exactly what the whole woman posture is and how to do it. I also see that fire breathing is talked about a lot and is done in your videos. However, again I cannot find any detailed description of exactly how to do it. Am I missing something? Can someone please help me locate a description on how to do these steps to helping a prolapse? Many thanks!

I think you have said you have the Saving the Whole Woman book and the First Aid for Prolapse?
You will find the posture description in the book on page125, and it would also be a good idea to reread the Pelvic Organ Support chapter starting on page 5 as this covers why we are doing it in the first place and covers the intraabdominal pressure. Firebreathing is on page 167, Appendix two.
Firebreathing in the video is in the dictionary of movements, and a complete posture description is covered in the main video section.
Hope that helps.

The posture of WW works. I thought it seemed difficult when I first read about it and thought it seemed difficult when I saw it on the video. But as I try to keep it in mind as I go through my days I find that it is easier. And when I keep in WW posture I feel so much better. I leave for vacation on Saturday and am excited to have the WW posture knowledge in my mind. Thanks to this Forum and this site.