Prolapse worse on some days


I have a question about why my bladder prolapse seems to be so much worse some days and almost gone the next.

I have downloaded First Aid for Prolapse which has put my mind at ease since my prolapse happened 4 weeks ago. I know I can get through this but it's still very daunting.

I'm just so perplexed why the bulging can be so severe some days. It's very distressing. I have a 9 month old baby and also a 4 year old at home with me and can't spend much time on the exercises at the moment but I am really trying hard to correct my posture all day.

So basically can I make things a lot worse for myself if I continue to have these "bad" days with lots of bulging. Is my uterus at risk of prolapse?

I feel that my prolapse symptoms are also linked to my emotions and stress level. Much worse on stressful days. Does anyone else find this? I realise that in an ideal world I would do the exercises everyday and have time to meditate and whatever else I need to do to nourish myself as a woman. But it's so hard in everyday life whilst caring for 2 children all day long.

Am I at risk of making my prolapse worse? Why is it so terrible on some days? Thank you.


Hi Orangeblossom and welcome. This is perfectly normal. The pelvic organs are moving around all the time, which is why any formal diagnosis of prolapse "grade" is pretty meaningless. It's a good thing because it means that we can learn to exert a great deal of control over the positions of the organs.

Stress, hormone fluctuations of your cycle, what you had to eat, and of course, all the good or bad ways that you stand, sit, move, lift, carry, eliminate.....basically everything that you do all day can have an effect on the bulge. As you get further and further into the WW work, you will learn to make some connections, where before, it might have seemed pretty random.

Don't be afraid of those bad days. If we didn't have symptoms, it would be much harder to be mindful and teach ourselves the posture and tools we need. Whether or not you have time to exercise, you are doing the Whole Woman work as you go throughout your day. Every task you do can be exercise if you do it properly. Do learn firebreathing; a touch of that from time to time can really make you feel and sense the dynamics of WW posture. Get down on hands/knees and let the organs rest comfortably in the belly; then get up and keep that belly soft, lift your chest and visualize the organs still resting in that space. - Surviving

Thanks for your reassuring words. I need to simply pursue with the WW program and know that things will be OK. This forum and website are such a support.
Thanks again x

Orange Blossom 13.
I see that you and I are the only ones active on this at the moment and I see that not very many people are on this very often!
I am postmenopausal with a rectocele and I'm not finding any good answers do you have any suggestions as to where I would look in this forum?
I'm desperate for answer and I don't want to do surgery- doctors are kind of ignoring the symptoms and it's kind of preoccupied my life I'm hoping to find someone with some experience here! I really don't know where to turn my gastroenterologist tells me to see my OBGYN OBGYN tells me to see my gastroenterologist.
So you see I'm dealing with this circle jerk and looking for more natural ways to repair this or at least make it better!

I have every faith that the WW techniques will make things totally manageable. Have you downloaded any of the ecourses? I have not even been to the doctor as I don't want any of their treatments and on some days it basically goes away, and other days a big bulge comes back. So if I saw a doctor on a good day they would most likely say there was no issue, and on a bad day they would say I needed some awful kind of intervention! I'm just trying to only have good days.. as the bad days really get me down. It doesn't help that I carry my baby around in the baby carrier for much of the day, and it really pushes things down.

You need to decide on what is best for you, but from reading around the Whole Woman site and from the First Aid For Prolapse course, there really isn't a surgical or medical option that will resolve these issues. It's all about posture... so if you can work on that, and help lift everything up, then hopefully your symptoms will be less and less problematic over time.

I just wish I could go back in time and not have the prolapse. Annoyingly mine happened when I was jumping up whilst carrying my baby in the carrier. I was trying to pick something off a tree branch. The weight of his body has basically snapped something inside of me (that's what it felt like anyway!). It may well have happened slowly over time anyway... but it was very dramatic.

Anyway I hope you find some reassurance from the Whole woman website and courses. It literally changed the way I felt over night and I'm not so worried about it all now.
Take care x

This blog post is a good summary and made me feel so much better after reading it. Hope it helps you too.

Sorry and one last thing, in addition to the Whole Woman philosophy and techniques I am also having acupuncture which I can feel is tightening things up. The theory is there is a deficiency with the spleen and this needs to be rebalanced/nourished. I am a long standing devoted to TCM acupuncture and it really does work wonders for me. And also I've spoken to a homeopath and began with Sepia 30c which is a standard treatment for prolapse... there are lots of other remedies to try but this is just the usual one to begin with to see if it has any effect. I don't think it's the right remedy for me to be honest and should go back and see the homeopath.

There are so many tools we can use to manage. That's why I'm not even going to see the doctor as I know they can't do anything to help other than suggest something that I don't want.

Anyway sorry for writing so much. Good luck! x

Here is another link, this one is to a short video which gives an overview of Whole Woman principles. When i first watched this, almost 8 years ago, it resonated instantly and, like orangeblossom, my thinking changed immediately. I am still thankful every day for Christine's wisdom.

Please continue to explore the information here....there is SO much, and it's up to each of us to take the reins in this process.

BTW there are many more visitors to this site at any given moment, than only those who are signed in under their user names. Check out the number of "reads" on any new thread - I'm seeing 254 on this one so far. - Surviving

Hi Orangeblossom13 - this is just a quick response. I was feeling like you a few years ago. I was certain that my prolapse was just going to keep getting worse but it hasn't! I think like as Surviving posted, you are incorporating the WW work throughout the day so don't stress too much when you have two young children and I think now it is more my default rather than having to remember to do it all the time. Hang in there and know that it gets easier and that just because it feels worse one day, doesn't mean it will stay like that. Mine definitely changes with hormones and is worse around ovulation and menstruation. I also think, now my youngest is well past 3 years of age I'm not carrying her often so that makes a difference down the track. Just enjoy your children and life and know there'll come a time when you can put in extra WW work, plus it will be more natural the more you incorporate it.

Really appreciate your helpful message. It's just so reassuring to know there are other people going through the same thing. And it's so positive that yours hasn't got worse.

If you don't mind me asking - did your prolapse happen after your last baby? Or did it happen earlier and you were able to have another baby with your prolapse? I think I'm too exhausted to have another baby to be honest, but I feel sad that I might not be able to carry another pregnancy if I decide I'd really like another child. But I really wouldn't want to strain things even more. So tricky and probably not helpful thinking about these "what if" scenarios anyway..

Orangeblossom, we have had many moms over the years here, who have gone on to have more babies after a discovery of prolapse. In general, they were none the worse for it, and in many cases they were better, because of the knowledge of how to manage prolapse, applied diligently through the critical PP period and beyond. - Surviving

Thank you, that's very reassuring to hear.