Advice needed - prolapse and new Mum


Hi Mummajane and welcome. First, take a deep breath, because everything will be fine. PP prolapse is extremely common, and you can learn to manage it for a lifetime.

For starters, I want to warn you about kegels, kegel machines, and pelvic PT (which is kegel based). If you go to the Blog page and search for kegel articles, you will find several which explain how kegels fail to address the true issues, and can actually aggravate things. I am living proof of this! So....please don't throw any more time or money into this approach. "Neutral pelvis" is not what we are about.

The Whole Woman work teaches us how to return to correct spinal shape, and use gravity and our breath to pin the organs into position over the pubic bones, not crowding into the vaginal space. I see other things in your post ("core strength") that are red flags that you, like 99% of the rest of us, have been taught throughout life to pull in and tighten your belly, tuck your butt, and work out with the goal of washboard abs. These are all things that have contributed to the prevalence of prolapse in modern culture.

You can learn safe lifting, toileting, and other tools for managing pelvic organ support. In the end you will have the confidence to do anything you want without fear. And for what it's worth, prolapse and sex go just fine together.

I'd like you to start by watching this little video.....then come back with your questions. We have a great community here. - Surviving

thank you surviving for replying. I’ve watched the video and I’m struggling a bit to understand the posture. Hips backwards and chest forwards ? Will have a look on kegels now. I find they do help in the short term, will they make it worse in the long run? Can postnatal prolapse vanish ?

Hi Mummajane - that is not an instructional video, it's more like an overview of the Whole Woman work. You might want to do more reading around the site, forum and blog to familiarize yourself. Then, we can help you if you need recommendations on what to get. And yes, PP prolapse often goes away on its own (that was my experience - and afterwards, lots of kegeling and bad posture brought it back with a vengeance years later). - Surviving

Hello Mummajane! I haven't properly read your whole post yet - just wanted to say do not worry. I started changing my posture and doing some Whole Woman exercises about 4 years ago from how I felt then I would have though my prolapse would be much worse by now but it isn't! It can get better and/or stabilise. I even jog occasionally now and jump a little on the trampoline with the kids sometimes! Physio told me I was mid stage 2 & that was before 2nd baby. I stopped seeing a physio after a couple of months once I learnt about Whole Woman. For lifting I focus on using my legs and arm muscles. I definitely lift badly sometimes and I can feel that I've done it wrong. There's also WW firebreathing and some other exercises to get you back to feeling ok if prolapse feels lower/worse. Doing squats helps build your upper leg muscles so you rely more on those for lifting. From what I've read and experienced - sex can be good for prolapse as it pushes it back in place a bit and doesn't hurt. Do know so many people are or have been in a similar situation and it gets amazingly heaps better!