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I just bought the fundamentals, the pelvic prolapse, and the book. I am a hairdresser with frequent uti's. I went and got the mona lisa touch treatments to help stop the utis and the menopause symptoms dryness. The doctor told me I have atrophy, a rectocele and one labia is bigger than the other, and tried to sell me some apparatus to put in my vagina to exercise it. I did not buy it. I am not getting any more mona lisa touch after finding your site. I went home and started research which took me to kegels. They seem to have made it worse, Idid not know it was there until now. That was a year ago.I never had children. So now I found your site. I have immediately corrected my posture and started the firebreathing exercise - I have to learn one at a time. My question is this. I stand all day at work. I can correct my posture standing. What do I do about the shampoo bowl when I bend over? Also, I am dating again after losing my boyfriend two years ago. Will I be able to have sex with this recotecele?? I did your self exam and It does not seem to be really bad. It is there but looks small. I have no symptoms only uti's. Also will the uti's start to go away? I am starting your honey advice for dryness. I am so full of fear and anxiety any advice will help. Thank you.

Hi Bobby,

Sorry you are struggling with these very common conditions, and yes, we have good WW solutions. Sounds like you learned a lesson regarding the “Mona Lisa Touch”, which is a gruesome and pitifully wrong concept.

Vaginal atrophy is a reality for all women after menopause. Nothing will restore the architecture and vaginal tissue composition except supplemental estradiol, which comes with significant risk to breasts, uterus, and even the brain.

However, the microbiology, which is the major factor in vaginal health and comfort, can be completely restored using honey as a natural prebiotic.

Regular use of honey (applied once or twice/daily) calls in beneficial bacteria from your own environment. A few squirts of 1/2 water 1/2 vinegar to the vulva will help if fungal species get a foothold (itching is the symptom).

A good diet rich in other prebiotics (whole grains, fruit, garlic, fermented milk) and also naturally fermented food (sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir) will help the whole system, as organisms in the bowel easily find their way to the vagina and bladder as well.

The same microorganisms (mostly Lactobacillus species) that keep the vagina healthy keep the bladder walls healthy as well. The bladder microbiome is basically a mirror of the vaginal microbiome. These beneficial bacteria feed on the mucus membrane covering the bladder walls without destroying it. Pathogenic bacteria also feed on the mucus membrane, but they secrete toxins that literally burn holes in the membrane. This is commonly referred to as a bladder infection or UTI. If the cycle of antibiotics/pathogenic bacteria escalates, eventually ulcers form in the bladder wall itself, a condition called interstitial cystitis. Researchers have tried instilling probiotic bacteria directly into the bladder, but nature insists that these organisms must come from the vagina. It is a whole ecosystem that builds itself when provided the right substrate.

It is now the experience of many older women that regular use of vaginal honey (and vinegar if needed) completely prevents UTI. I discovered the use of vaginal honey many years ago, and we have helped thousands of women in this way. Still, every day I find myself in awe and so very grateful that nature has provided us this miraculous medicine. Save the bees!

A few years ago I was doing work outside (sweeping, raking, lifting pots etc.) and came in the house to pee only to discover the *unmistakable* feeling of a UTI coming on (which I hadn’t had in decades.) I gasped when I realized I had forgotten my honey for 48 hours or so and immediately ran for the honey jar. The very next time I urinated the symptoms were completely gone, never to return. Since then I have been very careful never to go that long without my sacred honey.

Regarding bending over to wash hair, try to keep one long line from crown of head to tailbone. Breathe into your midriff, below breasts and above navel. Focus on using the musculature in your buttocks and thighs to hold you instead of hunching over and using your back muscles. This way, your pelvic organs will be pinned into position at your abdominal wall by the force of your breathing, instead of being pushed backward toward the vaginal opening. We cannot always be in ideal positions so as soon as you can, pull back up into WW posture.

I understand you have rectocele, but by holding the intestines forward, the back vaginal and front rectal walls are pulled up, eventually straightening out the rectocele pocket. Always use WW toileting position. I wouldn’t worry a bit about having sex with the rectocele, as it will be unnoticeable to your partner. Regular use of honey will create an optimum vaginal culture.

Once you start supporting your body in these ways, you will see that you are really a Goddess, impervious to aging and disease.

Wishing you well,


Dearest Christine, thank you so much. I asked the universe last week to guide me to perfect health and relief. A web search led me to you. I am so grateful. I have been on your site everyday and I am telling my clients who are mostly women that need your help. I bought local honey today and I remember posture all day. Thank you for helping me at the shampoo bowl. Much love to you.

Regular honey that you buy in the grocery store? How do you put it on?

Hi PrlsGrl,
That would be raw local honey which you can buy at most natural food stores in your area. Just put a dab on your fingertip and insert it high up inside your vagina, once or twice a day.
You can read more about honey here on the forum by typing it into the search; lots of interesting threads on the subject!

Thanks so much. I have learned so much from here. I read that to mix honey with yogurt. 2 teaspoon honey plus 1 teaspoon yogurt. Would that be a good thing?

I don't know about using the yogurt with honey; I used to use yogurt for yeast infections when I was younger, so if you are not having one of those, I think the honey would be enough for general comfort.