Can I still wear jeans?


Hi everyone,

I have recently been despairing of ever feeling in control of my body again, since increasingly returning to symptoms of urinary incontinence and prolapse following a pelvic floor 'repair' one year ago. When I googled 'kegel exercises not working' the Whole Woman site came up - thank goodness!!

I had always tended to stand with my stomach pushed forward and a deep lumbar curve but have battled against it for years as I thought this was BAD posture! Well, just doing what my body wants to do over the last few days and allowing my diaphragm to work naturally, not only am I feeling more in control but my symptoms have practically disappeared!!

I have many, many questions, but maybe a slightly silly one right now is whether I am going to have to stop wearing jeans and tights (pantyhose I think you call them outside the UK)? I usually wear skirts and dresses for work that do not restrict me too much but some of my jeans that do up around where my belly button is, feel like they will restrict this kind of breathing...


Hi KS - I wear jeans all the time....all my jeans sit low, and allow me to completely relax my belly. I didn't have to make many wardrobe adjustments with WW posture, but many do; it will depend on a number of factors. Just experiment.....but yes, anything that restricts relaxing the belly and allowing it to fully expand with your breath, don't wear. - Surviving

Hi KS,
I have a love hate relationship with jeans. Right now I'm wearing a waist high pair which I don't need a belt to keep them up. They are relaxed enough that I can sit here in comfort, however they are not fitted around the backside, but I don't care. I went out this morning and the day is much cooler or I would have changed by now....
I have another pair which sit low and are more fitted everywhere, however they fall down if I don't wear a belt with them.. I wear them shopping, and for outings. There are times when I find they sit on my bladder so I wear my other ones if I am feeling too restricted by them.
If I am doing stuff at home I wear low shorts,which are loose so I loop a hair elastic around the belt loops and the button so they hang on! When it is cold Pyjama style drawstring pants, or if it is hot a cotton dress. This is so that any move I make is unrestricted. I go braless as much as possible too, sometimes out as well...I really object to being corseted...
I bought a pair of linen pants with the waistband and zip but they have a fabric belt so they are not meant to be tight. When I have taken up the hems as they are too long, I will try wearing them out to see if they are comfortable so that I have more choice.
I have worn my jeans in the past with the hair elastic looped around a belt loop and around the top button so that it can be undone, making them more comfortable. I just do that if jeans are too loose now as comfort is more important to me....

All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

I wear yoga pants everywhere now. They are the best invention ever, good for dress & casual. And when you do the exercises your booty looks great in them! That said I do also wear low rise jeans with a little spandex in them when I ride or go to western events and Fridays at work. You can wear whatever you love you just might need to alter the size/style/material that you would normally buy. All the best to you. :)

Thanks for the replies. I am gradually figuring out how to work with my wardrobe but some of my jeans are definitely out for now. Great site, great advice!