Exercise program


So I've taken the plunge and purchased access to FAFP and the three yoga courses. All I have to say is: wow! I am loving all of the information. The first few days I was just focusing on reminding myself about the posture. It's super hard for for me to remember. I've been told since I was a little girl that I need to walk as straight as possible and suck in my tummy to look smaller than I am. My boyfriend loves the new posture though ;) Today was my first day trying out the exercise video.

The exercise program is no joke! I broke a sweat trying to keep up with Christine and her friends. I know that she created this program for the user to advance within it, but I do have a question. Am I basically supposed to learn all of the loves then do it at my own pace for as long as I need to? I noticed they went through the standing positions very quickly compared to the floor work. I was barely able to get two reps on before she was switching to the next exercise. I know I'll get better, but was the whole first part (before the fire breathing) supposed to be done in only ten minutes?


You are so right - Christine, her daughter and her dancer friend are extremely fit, and they make it look so easy, don't they? Don't worry about how much you do or how fast you do it. Proceed at your own pace and remember that it's the posture and breathing instructions that are the most important.

Remembering posture most definitely is the hardest thing at the beginning. Most of us were "taught" that very same thing you describe. WW posture will become second nature eventually. I still have to remind myself when it comes to bending and lifting postures. The more you work to make these things automatic and habitual, the more results you will see.

From time to time, we get a comment like yours to remind us that this posture is very sexy. I love that......all newbies take note! This is the true, natural, elegant, proud and graceful way that we were born to carry ourselves.

Sounds like you are off to a great start. - Surviving