Name says it all


I just found this site today. I was searching to see if you can use tampons to help hold things up I am freaking out because I feel like everything is falling out of me. I have a bulge in my vagina. Doesn't happen all the time but when it does it scares me. I'm 57 and have always taken care of myself and I am very healthy besides this. I work for an OB GYN practice and my doctor checked me last summer but it wasn't bad and she didn't seem too concerned. It's worse now so I need to talk to her again but reading this forum today gives me so much hope! I don't want to have surgery or use hormones if I don't have to. Where do I start? What do you recommend me starting with?

Hi Freakingout and welcome,
You will find once you delve into the whole woman work and gain a better understanding of what is happening to you and what to do about it, you will lose your fear of the bulge.
Start by reading all you can on this site, starting at the tool bar above. Then head on over to the whole woman store where you will find many wonderful videos in streaming and DVD to choose from. A good start into this work is The First Aid for Prolapse or the Whole Woman Solutions Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

Tampons are temporary at best, hold the vagina open, and don't even stay in for most of us, Whole woman posture is for a lifetime.

How do I get the starter bundle?

We don't have a starter bundle at present, but you will find the videos I mentioned as well as many other options and different videos in the whole woman store. Just click on store on the tool bar above.

Is the book not available anymore?

Christine took it out of print because it was over 10 years old. She is working on a new edition though, so maybe we will be seeing that soon.
But, the other videos I mentioned are very thorough in covering what is needed with the whole woman work, and are well worth the investment.

I'd like to suggest the on-line program "WW Solution to Pelvic Organ Prolapse". Currently there is a half-price promotion on this, good through 12/31/17, using coupon code "WWYearendBlowout". This was recently announced in an e-mail and I think Lanny will be putting up a more detailed posting soon, for the benefit of anyone not on the e-mail list. Think about it! And while you are at it, take a look at this little video for an excellent overview of Whole Woman:

It's hard for anyone working in the medical field (especially in an OB/GYN office) to resist the influence of traditional "solutions" to female pelvic issues. Please arm yourself with as much information as you can, if you are planing another consult with her. - Surviving

Thank you so much for that information! Thankfully the doctor I see and work for does not push surgery and she is really easy to. I am going to order one of the mentioned ideas before I talk to her again. Hopefully it will really work for me and I can tell her about it. I don't think my prolapse is really severe compared to some that I have read on here. Hopefully I can get started on this soon and will have great results.