Menopause, Atrophy, Vaginal!


I am SO incredibly grateful to have found this site in my wanderings and confusion through a diagnosis of vaginal atrophy on one side, with resulting prolapse, and ditching a prescription for Premarin estrogen cream. I already purchased the first 2 introduction videos and am working to incorporate the posture and wondering the best route for my recovery, as I am committed non-surgical, non prescription restoration of a whole body!

I am postmenopausal at 52 and have also had painful intercourse for several years that seems to be getting gradually better, however now with this prolapse I am experiencing a feeling like a tampon attempting to slide out pretty much all the time and it is very uncomfortable, so sex, much to my husbands dismay, is the farthest thing from my mind.

First steps?

Hi Afitmom5 and welcome,
Christine talks about vaginal health quite a bit here and in her videos. One suggestion for a more comfortable vagina is applying raw local honey high up into the vagina once or twice daily. This honey feeds the natural bacteria in the vagina giving it a better feeling and softness. I have used it also right before sex at the recommendation of our Aussie Soul Sister here, and it really is a great lubricant as well. Sex is also one of our great tools to push those pelvic organs back into place.
Other tools, such as jiggling and firebreathing are great along with the posture work. To get more information on firebreathing, look into the First Aid for Prolapse. It has that and so much more to get a really good start into this work.