Pelvic prolapse

I have been using a pessary for several years now - age 78 - encouragement please!

Hi Celebrista,
Can you tell us a little more about yourself? What kind of prolapse you have and any concerns?

Hi there - yes, let us know more about your goals and issues in coming to the Forum, including whether or not you have had hysterectomy and/or any other pelvic surgeries. - Surviving

I have suffered for 6 months and been following this forum for guidance. It's great to have an outlet for these problems. I didn't know your organs could fall out or come down like this until it happened to me. With my bladder just hanging there, bending the neck 90 degrees, it was excruciating. I felt like someone was pulling me inside out. I went to 3 gynecologists and finally settled on the University of Florida Shands Women's Health. I finally got a pessary and let me tell you, I should have had it months ago! I can function again and I am not curled up in a ball on the couch. I am still looking at surgery, one doctor actually said, "you don't need a pessary, you need surgery". But it is waiting for a surgical center to open up here in Florida after Irma that is taking so long. The pessary makes my days comfortable again. Mine is an Eva ring with support. I also found Poise makes a temporary pessary for bladder incontinence that helps a little until you can get fitted for the pessary. Just having everything back where it belongs has made a huge difference and I am soooo happy about it. Has anyone else experienced the feeling like someone is pulling you from inside out? Ps. I am 41 years old

I hope you have had as good of luck with yours. What type do you have? Mine is a ring with support. I am still thinking about having surgery, because I am 41 and think I will have it, then keep using the pessary for support. What do you think?

Angels has also had hysterectomy according to her other post. That post and my reply are here: