New Member With Rectocele


Hi Ladies,
I am 52 & just diagnosed with rectocele. I have been reading everything on this site & would definitely like to stop it from advancing with help from the videos & forums. Everything on here makes total sense to me. I just have a few questions for anyone that can help. Please advise what is the best video or package to get when you're starting out. Are the streaming videos downloadable so that a you can watch them over and over without using data up on your internet plan? I also have some hip pain, will I need to get the separate videos for that or will the posture changes fix it? And hopefully this is the last question for a while...does anyone know where I can watch the video "The Miraculous Self-Healing Vagina", I clicked on the link in the blog article but it said "Page Not Found". Sorry, one more, have any of you been able to get disability pension from work for prolapse?
Thanks in advance to anyone that can answer my questions & God bless you all!
PS. I also would like to know if I can still ride, trim, & care for my horses without making my condition worse. And, of course, what about sex with hubby!!

Dear Sylvia4, and welcome,
The posture is the fundamental shape that we learn and live in.
The exercise programs are useful as an adjunct to the posture.
I began with the posture and noticed that my hip dislocation was lessened, however the frightening painful and crunching hip concussion that had begun when I decided to go with the WWP ceased immediately!
Christine brought out a Save your Hips program which literally saved me from aching knees on climbing stairs, aching hips at night so that I couldn't sleep on my side at all, inner ear balance problems, uneven sides to my body , contracted limbs because of tight muscle and fascia, feet that were developing worsening painful bunions and the list goes on!

I believe that as children we start to favour a side of the brain, and a side of our body, and that over the years along with sucking the stomach in and tucking in the bottom, making us live in constant tension or crumpled squashing posture. This creates unevenness between the sides of the body, tightening of the muscles and ligaments, intra abdominal pressure that has no other choice but to send our internals back and downward, along with an immense need for extra tension in the body to do all this...

The posture can be adopted with horse riding, and the good thing is men don't notice prolapse, and it doesn't affect sex...

Christine and Lanny are in the process of going to online with their products/ videos/courses, perhaps why the vulva vagina health video isn't ready yet...
I was in the era of physical DVDs and books...Not that long ago!
If you are in doubt as to what to purchase, or questions about streaming costs, an email to Lanny would help, however anything which gets the fundamental of posture for you to learn and live in is the first step.
I have found all of Christine's videos/ and her wealth of knowledge a great help in understanding my body.
I actually recommend the Hips program to everyone because it can help with sitting in a chair, neck strength when looking around while driving and just holding one's head steady! It also evens out the body and has specific hip exercises done on a box, and great feet exercises for strength, and balance.

All Christine's videos have many of the exercises however some are done sitting on the floor, or standing which I couldn't do as easily because I didn't have the balance and my muscles were contracted.

I can now do anything including dancing, and I sleep and live pain free!

I wish you all the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

Miraculous Self-Healing Vagina is actually in streaming and DVD in the whole woman store:

I think the hips video is also a wonderful suggestion; another good starter into this work is the First Aid for Prolapse, which you can find in the store. And, don't forget the Whole Woman solutions to pelvic organ Prolapse. Any of these will get you started into this very important work.
Check with Lanny about the streaming to see what your options are.

Thanks for the warm welcome and all your help Aussie soul sister & Aging gracefully. I talked to lanny and because I don't have unlimited internet he said for now I should try the first aid for prolapse DVDs. He said the hip ones only come in streaming video now so I will have to get them if I ever get an unlimited plan. I also had a question about the toileting, is that basically the closest you can get to a squat over the toilet? If you don't mind my asking, do you ladies have a prolapse that improved with the posture and how quickly did you notice the difference? Thanks again for you generous help.