Diarrhea toileting


I have diarrhea due to colon inflammation, it’s irritated from too mich prune. I eill be seeing a doc but not till Wednesday, not explosive diarrhea It trickles down into my prolapse. I am having trouble eliminating it. Any suggestions? I have been squatting a lot to get it out but im worried that is going to cause me other problems and trying to posture on the toilet isn’t giving me results. I can’t eat more fiber because of the colon problem. On a brat diet.

Any advice is appreciated as i am contemplating an er to empty the prolapse if it gets too full

Also i had tried splinting to push some of it put and felt like there was more flesh in the way than normal, not the prolapse but on the sides and urethra side, any thoughts? Trying to do the bedt i can with the current situation without making things worse, its hard. Trying not to stress and take it moment by moment but the fear of worsening prolapse and causing other issues is very real right now.

I have an appt with christine so please don’t tell me to just do that

I think you are in a vicious cycle, trying too many different things and expecting immediate results. It's time to step back and take a look at things again, and give your bowels a rest for now. Also, the toileting posture isn't going to just magically cure a rectocele suddenly all on its own. With diet, ww work, jiggling and firebreathing, and toileting posture, over time, usually yields the best results.
You need to be more gentle on yourself and give this process the patience and time it deserves.
Tell us how you have been doing with the whole woman work.

Whats done is done i have just been trying to cope for a week. I do the psoture and exercises. Once i injured my colon it just hurt a little and the doctor didnt tell me to do anything to help it or whaat to eat or anything just said i will be fine but turns out most if my diet is stuff the can aggravate an inflammed colon like raw veggies and fruits. This problem got worse by esting how i do normally i didnt do anything extra after the prune juice, i stopped and just worked on fiber and the ww stuff but of course the fiber from my diet wasnt good for the colon.

I need help in the mean time if anyone can, i am trying to get out of this cycle by calming down and not trying anything new, just my normal routine but its a process. I managed for over 7 months and i know i can agin but just messed up so bad the last week its taking a bit to get backin the mean time i am not wanting to make things worse while im compromised you know what i mean?

So like with the runny stool amd having to full squat any ideas on hiw to keep things from getting worse? The diarrhea is slowly getting better but as long as the inflammation is what it is i may have a little bit for a bit.

I definitely caution anyone against doing enemas unless you are dying and drinking prune juice. Prune juice unbeknownst to me even after looking info on it up can be very bad, test the smallest possible dose first is now my motto lol

You are not the first to come in here with these symptoms and problems with bowels. There are pages of the stuff right here waiting to be read. Do some reading by typing in some key words, and you will find tons of suggestions from the other ladies that have visited this forum.
Just sit down with a nice calming cup of tea and read away.

I have been looking through stuff, it is pretty daunting, so far either i havent made it to the right page or my keywords aren’t doing because Ive not seen a post yet that talks about toileting with diarrhea for rectocele. Most just talking about having constipation and diarrhea cycles. Ill keep looking, with the baby my time is split.