bladder hurts


After I get up in the morning and have my coffee , then I eat breakfast and have a diet coke .
the rest of the day I have pressure in my bladder. It feels like I have to p all the time. After I go to bed and have been in it for a while it stops hurting. Can anyone tell me if they have had anything like this.
thank you. Tessyellow.

You might consider starting off the morning with a different routine. May I ask why you have a Diet Coke after breakfast? Health-wise that's about the worst thing you could be drinking, and I doubt your bladder appreciates it. Switch to water. If I had bladder issues I would probably eliminate the coffee (but I don't, and I love my one mug of black coffee in the morning). In short.....start by removing the obvious bladder irritants. - Surviving

Permalink. I tried that this morning. I feel much better without the soda.
thank you for the reply .