Pelvic prolapse/cystocele


I want to know that a person who never had sex or babies can still get cystocele?

Yes, for sure. Many things can cause it or contribute. Lots of heavy lifting in incorrect posture. Exercises which promote tight abs and "core" strength. Chronic constipation, straining on the toilet. All those people telling you that "good" posture means to suck in your gut and tuck your bottom. All the sitting, standing and walking that you do, with your body held in an unnatural way.

Those of you out there who are discovering the WW work at a young age, have an opportunity that the rest of us missed. So I would get started if I were you! - Surviving

I thought that Im alone lol and Yes youre absolutely right! Hope I'd not get trouble in conceiving in future!

A cystocele will have no bearing on your ability to conceive. And prolapse really knows no age boundaries. We are the biggest "club" there is! Never, ever feel alone with this. Look around you and imagine well over half the women you see, are walking around with this. - Surviving

I'm glad that I found this forum and so many strong women. Im engaged thats why I'm worried about myself and him! Hope that he wouldn't act weird after finding it out :p

I'm getting the picture, any one of these things can trigger a lot of anxiety and you are getting bombarded! Congrats on your engagement! - Surviving

Exactly I'm getting paranoid. Can't we just have a perfect life with perfect body/organs :') lol I'm so worried after finding some moles there too! :'( I hope that itd be nothing serious! Pray for me :)