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I am very interested in the subject of Psychoneuroimmunology, mind body connection. The condition of prolapse in it's various forms reads as these:
Pelvic floor dysfunction; unable and/ or unwilling to let go of hurts. Needs approval from an authority figure who withholds it. Living life without a routine or schedule, and using it as an excuse to escape responsibility.
Pelvic floor prolapse:
Bladder; (Anterior prolapse or cystocele)- not knowing when to hold onto or when to let go of emotional baggage and unable to stop thinking about it.
Bowel: (Posterior prolapse or cystocele)- Not knowing whether or when to give or withold affection, attention, approval.
Uterus; Unable tp resolve pain and anguish over loss of one's position or status.
vagina; unresolved issues (issue) over what one has produced.
I am dealing with some of these emotional issues which is eye opening. Anyone recognise any of these feelings connected to their individual prolapse issues?

I have never heard of it but that's interesting. I use to study body language and speech for a job I had for several years and I came across information about what facial features say about a person, which almost always rings true. Also, at another job learned that you can tell different things about health from aspects of the eye such as if a person has kidney problems there will be a specific feature shown in your eyes and that you can hold tension in different areas of the body such as the chest or buttock which is something I as well as a family member of mine experienced. Another great one is that if your back is out of alignment you can have specific issues based on where it's off such as a spot near the shoulders blades corresponds to gallbladder. I have seen this one first hand as well, gallbladder problems in a person until they routinely got adjusted then they were fine, no need to removed the gallbladder. It's pretty crazy.

Thus, I personally think you may be onto something.

In answer to your question, I am not sure if the one pertaining to me is correct though, I will think on it a bit.

No doubt emotions affect the supportive nature of connective tissue (mostly through release of the stress hormone cortisol), but let's remember that generally speaking prolapse is a structural issue that requires a structural response.

Today I paid for the Whole Woman program!
The main reason was having read information from your website and felt the help and support you give women was something to be commended and respected for. The body as a whole is not just physical but also spiritual and as women we go through strong emotional situations that can wreck havoc on the body , mind and soul. I have experienced this and am sure women on this forum can resonate.
Yes prolapse is a structural issue but as with any issue going on in the body has other aspects contributing to it physical being one. The greatest power we have is BELIEF it plays a big part in healing. please don't dismiss the power of the mind body connection.
The work you do is very beneficial to so many hopefully including myself, but it is one aspect of a whole.

Thank you for supporting WW and I do hope you find the work both valuable and life changing.

My response to prolapse being defined in such terms is, How in the world do you know this? How can subjective feelings and emotional states possibly be correlated with physical symptoms, no matter how much we may personally feel such connections to exist?

I hear from women all the time who tell me their symptoms arose after divorce, death of a loved one, or some other extremely stressful experience. There is no question we are mind-body-spirit beings, whose belief systems control most facets of our existence on earth, including our genetics.

Yet, interpreting physical symptoms from subjective feeling states and then trying to generalize that data into a diagnostic system is completely fallacious and can only be harmful.

While one woman may truly believe her prolapse was brought on by a deep desire for attention and approval, I hope you can see the danger in generalizing such nonsense to the broader population of women!

Wishing you well,


So grateful for your whole woman support and help to so many women.
The emotional connection is Real.
Scientific fact.
Ancient wisdom.
It is in no way my intention to put anyone in danger?
I am quite surprised and somewhat doubtful of your response which was to give some valid information that has been proven by people who for sure are seen as experts in this field.
A subject that is actually not a danger but helping lots of people who desperately need support and understanding of their life situations where they feel helpless and alone. Surely not nonsense.
The women that use this forum are intelligent and am sure take all the forum subjects with interest so I don't think that they will interpret the information I relayed as dangerous.
I wish to cause no offence and hope my forum content caused none.
Again I have respect for your help and support to all the women you have helped and will in the future.

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Nutty girl,
Since this site and forum were created for women interested in and/or currently engaged in the whole woman work, would you like to ask any questions about the whole woman work?

so glad you found the subject interesting. Your information and experience sounds interesting too.It is certainly something to take notice of, thank you for your reply.

How long have you been doing the whole woman program and what was your progress?

You can read my story by clicking on my name and then tracking. I have 5 years worth of the stuff with my beginnings, struggles, aha moments, and most importantly successes with whole woman.

How about you? Can you tell us what brings you here? What it is about whole woman that interests you? Questions about the actual work itself?

I have just joined so brand new! Bought the program and just started learning. I have just noticed the start of prolapse and on advice from WW have to make an appointment with a Gynocologist to see what type it is. Funny thing is I didn't even know until recent pap test I had a prolapse!
Did some research on internet and found WW which was interesting enough to pursue.
It is wonderful their is such a resource this subject is not given the spotlight enough.

Many of us didn't have an official diagnosis of prolapse, and those that did, came back to us with disappointing stories from their gynecologist, so be careful not to take that visit too seriously.
Do you have any questions about the program you purchased? Anything you are confused about or need clarification?
We try to direct people to best information we can, so you can have a successful journey with whole woman.

Not yet but very much appreciate any support if needed.

I am another who has never had a formal diagnosis of my prolapse, not feeling any need nor any desire to pay someone to spew gynecological nonsense at me. Many who come here will never ultimately be able to separate themselves from all that, and those are the ones who will have limited success with this work. Here is the self-exam:

The management of prolapse is the same, regardless of the type. And it isn't that hard to figure out whether you have squishy bulges on the front and/or back vaginal walls, or if you have a heavy low-hanging uterus/cervix.

You have stated you are not even symptomatic. Armed with the right information, perhaps you can keep it that way. You will not get that information anywhere but here. - Surviving