Rectocele relief


Hi all,
I’ve been dealing with my rectocele since 2016. It was sudden, 3 years after my last birth. I have tried changes in diet, pt, supplements, and pretty much everything I could find. I have been doing whole woman since Jamuary. I see the benefits of posture and breath, and hoping it will help my issues more but realize this takes time. My main and really only symptom is incomplete evacuation, which makes me incredibly uncomfortable and miserable. I have finally found something that works. After I have s bowel movement, which are very regular and pretty normal, I always have a small chunk that gets left behind. This chunk makes my rectocele bulge big. When it’s empty, the bulge shrinks a bit. I have been using a bulb enema. I put a small amount of warm water, insert it in rear and immediately the last lump goes out. Relief! I was pooping up to 10 times a day before, with only small pieces coming out each time. Now, I go 2-3 times per day, after meals. My question is…will this make things worse eventually?? Has anyone done this or spoken with a dr about it?

An enema 2-3 times a day seems a little invasive to me, and a fair amount of trouble compared to some gentle splinting which would probably achieve the same goal, with less bother, especially when you are away from home. That being said, it's certainly preferable to a lot of straining and discomfort. If you are gentle I don't think it could do any harm; but keep working on this. Some jiggling and firebreathing before or while you're going, might lessen the bulge, and then a bit of splinting could do the rest. You will feel more confident if you aren't dependent upon enemas. - Surviving

It's not really an enema...that is why I can't find information about it. It's literally like a TBSP of water up the bum, and it comes immediately back out, taking the last bits with it. I have a normal BM in the morning, but the afternoon one usually gets stalled in the rectocele and this is when I rinse it out. I am going to try firebreathing before the BM in the afternoon to see if that helps fully evacuate. I splint on the afternoon BM, but rarely need to in the morning. This is just such a weird thing and I wonder if other women have done it with success. If this continues to work, I'll just be shocked. The bulge is much smaller now because I'm not straining and I'm able to exercise with less discomfort. I believe the WW work with posture has eased my terrible low back pain and also balanced my body out in general. But, I'm not sure if it will ever pull the rectum up enough to help the pouch. But, the posture is something that I will do forever because it has helped so many of the other discomforts I have.

I am interested in doing the enema after reading this but am concerned that it could make it worse? Does it always come right back out? never stays in there adding to the bulge?

I stand up, stick my bum out, shoot a bit of warm water in,sit down and everything comes out. I also wonder if it will make anything worse. But, my symptoms have decreased a lot.

All of the sudden I started having trapped stool and it would come out but then refill when I poop. So I tried a saline enema the first night because I was sooo stuck and thats what my hubby bought, also not normal for me but the details aren’t necessary. So the next morning after pooping I did this warm water, about half a cup because i didnt see where you said how much and bam all the left over came out. Nice to have a new tool. I think i over didnit thpugh due to fear I did a second one and have a slight pain, probably irritated my colon, have you had that happen? Probably just only going tonise when i know for sure stuff is stuck instead of a just incase, nothing was stuck that last time