Squatting while cleaning bathroom aggravates prolapse


I am symptom-free from prolapse most of the time thanks to WW posture, except every week after I clean our bathrooms. I am hyper-flexible and feel no stretch doing a complete squat and do much of my low bathroom cleaning work in this position. My body is not in an obtuse angle--quite the opposite, it is extremely acute--but it seems working in this position aggravates prolapse. I thought squatting was a healthy, normal human posture, but being hyper-flexible maybe I am going too far. Is there some cue to maintain WW posture in a full squat or does such a squat inherently compromise pelvic organ support? How do you do jobs low to the ground without squatting if there is no way to do this without compromising pelvic organ support?

Hi veggiemom,
Squatting the Whole woman way is always done up on toes. I have done it with knees apart with the feet turned out so that the knees are over the 2nd and 3rd toe. I can do some things with knees together however if leaning forward, I open the knees, or clean around myself. check that your belly isn't tense as well - I keep my torso barrel shaped.
I also don't keep the position for longer than a few minutes, stand and stretch etc before going back down. I don't have a big floor, and don't clean it that way often.
Another way you could do it is by sitting on feet with knees folded under, with something cushioning them.
Sometimes if I feel my pop, I do firebreathing, or nauli and belly toss, which quickly fixes her, however I can get that with sitting for long periods or driving more than usual.

If I find something is an issue with pop I change how I do it, especially if compromise continues.

All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

I'm not a great squatter myself, so I have nothing to add to Soul Sis' great suggestions. But I am wondering what happens to your lumbar curvature when you squat. Can you maintain it, or does it become flattened/rounded as you go about your tasks in that position? Something to think about, as you tweak your routine. - Surviving

Thanks so much for your insights. Is the squatting up on toes to allow for lumbar curvature? I notice when I experiment with how I usually squat and then going up on my toes that my lumbar spine goes from rounded to allowing the curvature to return. It would definitely take some balance practice to be able to work while up on my toes though. Also it makes my feet and lower legs numb, but maybe that will improve with practice. I definitely am not tensing my belly--I have to remind myself to pull up into WW because my default is a very relaxed belly. Is squatting up on toes discussed in one of Christine's videos or is there a discussion on it here I could find? Thanks!

I am a housekeeper and clean many toilets through the day. Just a suggestion. I don't squat at all. I bend my knees and rest my butt on my legs. The way Christine shows us how to sit. It is so comfortable! then you bend forward to wipe the floor and base of the toilet. I hope that makes sense. I am a very visual person so it's hard to picture things in my head from reading.

I do squat on my toes when cleaning walk in showers. It is hard to maintain though. Some of my work activities are tough to do in the posture but I just try my best.

I also do my cleaning on hands and knees, and with a nice pair of knee pads, the job gets done very easily. When bending over or squatting during these activities, we really need to be super aware of what our lumbar curvature is doing. If we tend to hurry or rush, we can lose it, so mindfulness is very important.

I really appreciate your help. I wish I would have asked sooner! Now to see if I can make something work while maintaining lumbar spine curvature. This will be a hard one to unlearn since I've relied on full squats with flat heels for so long.