Hemorrhoids - Surprise, surprise!


Hi. I am a brand new Whole Woman! I found this website just 4 days ago and am going through the information and videos. I have had hemorrhoids and a POP for about 10 years. Both of which have worsened over the years. I have refused all surgical suggestions and have continually looked for natural cures or resolutions. What I want to say in my first posting is about hemorrhoids.

I came here for help with the prolapse, but I found immediate help for the hemorrhoids! In my past searching I found the suggestion that squatting during bowel movement would help with hemorrhoids. So for a couple years I have been squatting over the toilet. It hasn't helped, but I kept thinking the time would come.

The one thing that has helped is an herbal formula for hemorrhoids, which got rid of my external hemorrhoids, but I've continued to be bothered by internal hemorrhoids protruding after heavy lifting, lots of physical movement, and bowel movements. (I have not had constipation since becoming a vegetarian 36 years ago, so that was not a cause.)

Well, surprise! After following Christine's direction to lift your bottom up off the toilet seat so it's higher than your knees, the hemorrhoids don't protrude after bowel movements!! It worked the very first time I tried it and has continued to work for 4 days!

For that alone, I am so grateful to Christine and this website.

I have been practicing the posture and reading and watching videos to make sure I understand it and am doing it correctly. I'm hoping that the correct posture will help not only the prolapse but also the protrusion of the internal hemorrhoids when lifting, standing and being active.

Hi Blue Indigo and welcome to the forum. It sounds like you are off to a terrific start. Remember that the organs are always moving around, in response to the activities and conditions of each day. Some days you will be ecstatic, and other days you may wonder why you are so symptomatic. Gradually the patterns will emerge. I'm glad you made the big discovery early on.....WW really does work. Congrats on avoiding surgery. Keep us posted! - Surviving

Hello to all the bakers! Can anyone direct me in getting started making sourdough bread?

Hi pathwaytovictory,
When I first started or struggled with making sourdough, I ended up ordering a starter, and from there on I have been making fresh loaves once a week on the same starter for years now. I went to Cultures for Health for mine, but there are many sites that offer starters, and they include instructions on how to make them.

Thank you aging gracefully. I am assuming you have to have a starter correct? You can't do it by "wild fermentation?" Is homemade sourdough bread better than bakery or store bought bread? Thank you for your input I am just embarking on this learning curve.

I did try wild fermentation, but failed miserably, so the starter really was the best choice for me. Maybe others can give you more input on that.
Yes, the fermenting of sourdough actually changes the chemistry of the flour, making it easier to digest. it's the only bread my hubby will eat now; he just loves it.

If you haven't seen Christine's videos on living arts, you may want to check it out:


She has a bread making video there that might be of interest.

Thank you, Surviving. It's good to know ahead of time that some days will not be as good. Knowing ahead, I can deal with it better.

Keep us posted on your progress, and always feel free to ask questions here. I'm sorry your thread got hijacked by a discussion of bread. Happens sometimes! - Surviving

Good luck Blue Indigo!
I'm also a newbie and already very very grateful to Christine and the other wise women here. Will you please share what was the herbal formula that helped you?

Thank you Surviving60!

Hi young mom,
I researched the Internet for herbs best for hemorrhoids and used the ones most recommended. I took them for 1-1/2 years and got no help. Things were getting quite bad by then (after dealing with it for a total of 5 years), and I needed to find something that would actually work. Again searching the Internet, I found Hemorrhoid Rescue, liked the combination, and figured it couldn't hurt. Although it has taken me longer to get results than some of the reviews mentioned, I am well on my way to being cured and in control. The external hemorrhoids, which caused the most discomfort, were gone in 3 months. I'm into the 5th month and know that the internal ones are shrinking.

I can't measure the results by days, but looking at it by month, I am definitely getting help and relief! I take care of a 22-month old grandchild 3 days a week, which means constant picking up and lifting, lots of activity, and putting him and a stroller in and out of my car several times a day. After a lot of activity and lifting, I feel the internal hemorrhoid pop out a bit, but it's not to the point anymore of making me have to stop what I'm doing.

I remind myself of what it was like 5 months ago, and I am deeply grateful that this company has found a combination that works!

for your detailed answer! I'm really happy for you! I hope that you'll feel better after all your activities with the WW posture. I don't know about hemorrhoids, but my back and pops are much better thanks to the posture.

How do you post an original question. I think I am doing this wrong by commenting on an already asked question??
thank you!

You go to the forums section in the navigation box, and then when forums comes up, you click on add new forum topic.