back exercises problems for pelvic floor?


hello everyone

I'm new to this site. wondered if anyone out there had minor prolapse and back problems. After reading Christine's insighful intro to this subject I'm beginning to wonder if the back exercises my male physio has given me might not be helping my prolapse (although he does know of this) forgot to mention I'm from uk! Thanks folks


hello Alice and welcome to the site
I have a universal prolapse and a history of back problems. I think it is entirely possible that the exercises you have been given are not helping the prolapse. try to adopt the WW posture and see how it feels. I can tell you that I have been back-pain-free since I found this site (1 year give or take a bit). well, aside from some initial upper back soreness, which wasn't really back pain, just muscles getting used to doing their job.

I also have noticed significant relief from disc problems in my lower back, which used to cause quite bad sciatica since starting the posture. I now only see my chiropractor once a month for maintenence as opposed to bi- weekly, or weekly before, depending on how I was feeling! Another benefit from the posture! :)