Prolapse worse after endometrial biopsy


Hello everyone ,

I'm really hoping somebody can give me some much needed advice and information as I'm feeling very low about the worsening of my prolapse recently after an endometrial biopsy last week and have become unable to walk very far without extreme pain and pressure.

I'm a 46 year old woman who was diagnosed with a grade 3/4 prolapse of the uterus and bladder in June this year . I had some pretty severe bladder frequency and pressure from the prolapse which after walking any significant distance would really bulge uncomfortably down and out .

My gynaecologist sent me for an internal ultrasound scan as I had been having very heavy bleeding during my period and a small amount of spotting in between periods. The scan showed up what seemed to be some polyps inside my uterus so I was referred to another gynaecologist to perform a hysteroscopy to have a look at these. I was told that this wouldn't be painful and wouldn't cause any more damage.

When I went to the hysteroscopy appointment I was suddenly told that she would like to perform a biopsy at the same time as I had a very thick uterus lining . This was said as if this was just routine , very little other info was given and I stupidly didn't ask enough questions about the effect this might have on my prolapse . I think I was quite stressed and nervous about the hysteroscopy so wasn't thinking clearly . It's now 7 days later and my prolapse now feels much much worse the downward pressure is now so intense that I can barely walk or support myself. I feel so despondent and am desperate to know how this could have made my prolapse worse and what on earth I can do about this . I am now worried it has become so bad that my only option is surgery.

I have spoken to both gynaecologists and will be seeing one of them on Monday , however they are both pretending that they have no idea how this could have happened . To me now though it seems obvious I should have never had this procedure at all . Please does anybody have any experience of something similar or any advice . I would really appreciate any help.

Sorry this is so long

Hi bettyr and welcome. There have been a number of posts over the years, from women who have experienced a worsening of prolapse after various procedures. If they are actively engaged in the Whole Woman postural work, our response would be to treat it like any other setback, and double down on their concentration on posture, firebreathing, jiggling, good toileting and lifting habits, WW walking, prolapse-friendly exercise, and so forth. If they are not actively engaged in the Whole Woman work, then our response would be that it's time to start! So take a look around, and start by watching this:

I did delete your duplicate postings. There were three of them; only one is needed. - Surviving

Hi Betty,

I agree with Surviving, but will be a little more blunt.

We’re doing all we can at this time to help women understand how unnecessary these procedures are and how damaging they can be. Women have to believe however, that their magnificent, light-filled body knows how to get through menopause naturally, and that we have everything we need to stay disease-free.

What else is there to do now but the WW work? The soft-tissues supporting the uterus and bladder may have been stretched by the procedure, but there’s nothing to be done other than keep moving the organs forward with the breath, posture, and WW exercise.

The best thing a woman can do for her health is to stay out of the gynecologist’s office.

Wishing you well,


Thanks for the advice it's much appreciated . I'm new to the whole woman approach as you can probably tell . I'll watch the link and begin the process of trying to heal myself this way . It's at least good to know that I can treat this as a setback and that the damage doesn't have to be permanent .

Many thanks

Hi Christine , thanks so much for taking the time to also reply. I can see now it seems obvious that I shouldn't have been undergoing this procedure at all . I was naive in thinking that the gynaecologists had the answers I needed. I'm just very glad that I've found this website and forum with so much supportive advice from women who've followed the whole woman approach. Could you recommend the first video or book that I should start with at this point . My partner is encouraging me to rest at the moment but I feel as though this may be making things worse .

Many thanks


I also wanted to ask about your views on physiotherapy . Before I found this forum I had booked a physio appointment with a women's health specialist as I was so concerned . Would I be right in thinking that you would advise not to do this ?


Hi bettyr,
Many of our ladies who have done PT come back here and tell us about their experiences with it, usually saying that it doesn't help or makes things worse. Traditional Physical therapy is kegel based which doesn't work for prolapse symptoms.
That's why studying, understanding, and doing the whole woman work is so important, because once you have conceptualized what our natural posture should be everything else just falls in line.

Please start looking around this site, starting at the tool bar above, and then head on over to the whole woman store where you will find the many great products Christine offers.

hi bettyr, I also have a stage 4 prolapse which has become more of an issue after being sick for 9 months with intestinal issues. I just want to warn you that if you are having problems urinating, please be sure that your doctor watches the GFR on any blood tests you have done. Apparently, the prolapse can compress the tubes that let urine down and can then create a kidney disease. In my case, I have polycystic kidney disease but before that was discovered they felt that the stage 3 kidney disease was caused by not being able to pee easily and thoroughly. I wish you the best of luck with whatever you try in the future. It is all very scary but does get a little easier over time.