One year after joining WW - my status report


It was a little over one year ago that I found Whole Woman website. I feel so blessed!
It gave me the knowledge and ability to understand what is POP, diagnose my own symptom. I am so disappointed at the doctors, and don’t trust them anymore!
It gave me the resources: the forum to share experiences and knowledge with other women. I ordered and read the book ‘Saving the Whole Woman’. I read and re-read some chapters to remind myself.
I exercise with First Aid for POP video, Yoga first wheel, second wheel, and third wheel, which I do them one by one, week after week. It is now part of my daily routine!
I still have bad days, but I know if I give it enough time, things will be ok.
I still feel discouraged and depressed sometimes, but going to the site and read about the encouraging stories gives me strength to move on.
Rome is not built in one day, I have faith in self healing!
One thing I noticed is that my body is changing. I paid more attention to my posture, both walking and sitting. Hardest of all is that I have to give up all my dressy pants and jeans and switched to wearing loose pants, I feel and move like a pregnant woman! Gained over 5 pounds. I wonder if this will stop, I really don’t want to gain any more weight.
Thanks to Christine all the women out there, especially Christine, I enjoy doing the first aid for prolapse and yoga wheels and listen to your voice a lot.

Thank you so much TC for taking the time to express your gratitude and tell us of your progress.

Keep up the good work and maybe add early morning walking to your program. I wear my Whole Woman Posture Belt (coming soon!) while walking with light ankle and wrist weights on our 3-5 mile walks three times a week. You can't help but lose weight!

Relaxing the abdominal wall initially causes too much droop in the lower belly for most women. This is because that area is too expansive - even in many yoga teachers and other fit women! The simple reason being that when the upper belly is chronically held in - which women love to cultivate - loops of bowel, which should be positioned higher in the abdomen are pushed into the lower belly. In turn, the pelvic organs are pushed back toward the pelvic outlet. Here is a blog post I wrote on the subject a few years ago:

I carry excess weight because my husband and I are a little too enamored with our "sacred food". The interesting thing however, is that I have very little skin/fat at my lower belly because my entire abdominal wall has been pulled up over time.

I hope she doesn't mind that I post her words here (I don't think she will!), but our wonderful WW practitioner Jannelle Rethus commented on this very subject in an email to me just a few days ago:

"Have noticed recently with the whole woman work, many of my clients are saying you look different, have you lost weight? Well I have and have recently done a clearing out of my wardrobe and was surprised to see that my shape has changed quite a lot and clothes that were particularly tight from the waist down have become looser, I believe its because I keep pulling up into whole woman posture as much as I can and strengthening the muscles of the spine and abdomen. And not an abdominal crunch in sight!!!!!!!! I also notice when I go to a yoga class my legs are much stronger."

Keep up the good work dearest - the best is yet to come!

Hugs from Christine

It was very nice to have encouragements, and made me feel special because it came from you! I can’t wait to see your WW Posture Belt. Yes, I do pull up my chest more and more and my body is still in the changing stage. The curve at the back started to form, so excited. Others things I noticed is that diet plays a big role in my POP symptom, so I keep a list of things to avoid. At my age, I don’t worry too much about my weight, as long as I am healthy and POP is under control. Thank you again and enjoy the beautiful autumn!