Pelvic Stress Affecting Hormone Levels



I have a problem with my pelvic area which has been causing pretty serious hardship in my life for quite some time. Im posting here because I have asked for opinions and advice everywhere I could think of and either people cant help me or think I am making it up.

To start off, I am not a woman, and if there are rules against men posting in order to make talking about female problems more comfortable I will understand if this post gets deleted... It's just I really don't know where else I can ask for help at this point.

I was wounded in the war 10 years ago, an explosion gave me a bad concussion. I have suffered with severe headaches, dizziness, lack of energy and difficulty thinking/remembering ever since then. After it became apparent that medicines were not working I started going to natural medicine people and yoga type stuff. Eventually one of them figured out that my brain injury damaged part of my brain that handles hormones and somewhere between my head and my groin/pelvic area a connection got messed up and my hormone system wasnt working the way it should, it is capable of it and trying but the connection isnt there. And because of this broken connection my pelvic floor would become tense, swollen and fatigued because that area was working as hard as it could to balance my hormones but they just werent reaching where they were supposed to go.

After she said that I went and got my doctor to order a full blood workup which cost me a ton of money but showed she was probably right. My body was making a ton of testosterone but normally there is two kinds the testosterone that was just made which is called free testosterone and there is total testosterone which has binded with other hormones for storage. And I have a very high amount of free testosterone (at the high end of normal for my age) and a very low level of free testosterone (lower than a 90 year old man).

After that the woman that predicted what was the problem started giving me pelvic massages and it worked perfectly my symptoms eventually completely went away, my blood tests started coming back normal and I felt healthier than ever for a long time. But they came back recently and I am desperate to alleviate them again. The only problem is she moved and I havent been able to find any massage therapists who will do the therapy that I need because most of the session is spent massaging my groin area and the majority of the session is massaging nerves so close to my anatomy that atleast one part of her hand would be accidentally touching it pretty much the whole time. I've tried having my wife do the same massage but she hasnt been able to find the nerves or what ever the massage therapist was working on.

Does anyone here have any suggestions? I know the whole thing sounds weird but it really is the only thing that works and I am desperate.

I just popped onto the forum after a long time away and saw your post.

I have seen at least one man previously post here with a different problem and was given support; no doubt there have been others too.
Could you possibly contact your old massage therapist and ask her if she's able to explain what she was working on to help you locate the right tissues and massage method?

The other thing that came to mind is a very holistic book I came across about ten years ago which covers mind/body exercises centered around the pelvic floor. It is called "Pelvic Power for Men and Women" by Eric Franklin. I first found it in a library but now own a copy as it is fascinating. The "power" in the title relates to the importance of the pelvic muscles to the whole body and how flexibility is just as important, if not more important, than pelvic floor strength, especially for men. It has a lot of visualisation techniques for lots of different parts of the body to help the reader deeply understand how they are all connected to eachother and the pelvic muscles. Perhaps, since this is a mind-body connection issue, that sort of book may be some help.

Not sure I'm of much help, but I do hope you find a way to manage it very soon.

Thank you I will check that book out as soon as I can get my hands on a copy. I have talked about the mechanisms of what is causing my problem and why this therapy works with my old massage therapist several times. What she starts with is called craniosacral therapy starting at my feet and then working to my groin area where she combines the craniosacral technique with a light massage.

I've known that emotions/stress can be stored in the body like that and Ive put a ton of time into exploring therapies that focused on that but they never really had an effect.

Literally the only thing that has worked is this massage. The way she describes it is that even though I feel tension in one or two areas there are about a dozen blockages that are actually going on and each one has a bunch of trigger points in the area. And that the massage builds up energy and relaxes the muscles until the nerves can communicate which causes a flood of energy. Sometimes it feels like a flood sometimes it feels like lightning.. it really is weird.

The building up energy part is really what is driving me nuts. For the first year worth of sessions she just gave me the massage part but the results were very inconsistent and only lasted a day or two. Near the end of one session she asked me if I was willing to try something new since I wasnt getting the results that she thought I could. I left the office that day and felt like I used to before I got hurt for 5 whole days. And after that every session started off with 30 minutes of the new energy technique. and each time the symptoms being gone lasted a bit longer until I was getting massages once a month.

Its really frustrating because my symptoms are coming back very badly and I know that this therapy works extremely well but the most important part of the massage that really makes it work is for lack of a better way to say it sitting there for half the session meditating with my organs being held.

My wife knows the details of the massage and is ok with it since its to treat my problems but Im not entirely comfortable with the idea of someone that isnt my wife doing that, atleast I was somewhat comfortable with my old therapist having known her for a while, and I dont expect any massage therapist to do anything besides slam the door in my face if I asked them to do it. So Im in a real bind I know something that works amazingly well but having it done ever again looks like an impossibility.

Hi, I'm not an expert but I wonder if you have tried reflexology. I'm a practitioner in the U.K.and whilst I don't have experience of your specific problem I have found it is very successful with hormonal issues. Mayan abdominal massage would also be worth a try. Most people think this is for women but it is also for men and targets the pelvic area , whilst massaging the whole body. I hope you gain some relief soon.

Hello OOO,

I'm so sorry to hear of your injury and subsequent troubles.

I feel there is a good possibility you could effect your condition through breathing and spinal alignment exercises. If your hypothalamus was damaged to the point of not being able to release the precursor to testosterone, no amount of pelvic massage would help. Doesn't it seem more plausible that the constriction is actually in the pelvis, preventing blood/hormonal flow to/from the testes?

I would be happy to speak with you, and give you a little program of breathing and spinal exercises to try. And of course, Whole Man Posture!

Contact Lanny Goodman at 505-243-4010

Wishing you well,


...and you've probably looked into reasons why so much free T is being bound by Sex Hormone Binding Globulin.

I have tried reflexology. It felt very nice and relaxing but didnt really do much as soon as I got off the table its everything comes back right away.


Thats actually what I've been thinking was the case I spent a lot of time looking into pelvic health and from the muscle tightness that I feel it really seems like the case is something is being crushed by the muscles and limiting blood flow or pinching a nerve or something. And the fact that the only thing that has made my head problems go away is a massage of that area seems to confirm it.

And yes I've looked into SHBG but my levels are normal and my doctors assured me thats not the problem. Its not that free T is being bound its the opposite, I have plenty of free T but no stored/total T. Thats what is making this so difficult, I have T and everything works so all my doctors said they didnt really know how to treat it without randomly trying things that might make everything worse.

Well good news is my original massage therapist had a cancellation so hopefully it will work like it used to. Now if I could only figure out why I was doing so good for so long and it all spiralled out of control within a couple of days.

I was able to see my massage therapist and I really gotta say when I went for my first appointment all I could think was oh my lord this is some crazy hippy stuff.. but it is undeniable that it works. Its a real shame too because if you google it all you will find are websites devoted to it being "quackery with no evidence backing it up, its a scam to take your money".

Im not quite sure how it works, she says its something about getting the electrical current in your body to redirect itself to areas that have been getting an unbalanced amount. From what I feel I think it has something to do more with bloodflow but either way it works.

Which brings me to my new question. The appointment that I was just able to go to made me much, much more able to feel my body I can see a mental picture of my veins and feel them very distinctly. It feels like my veins are what is swollen and not my muscles. Would any of you happen to know of a natural remedy for possibly swollen veins before I go to a doctor and try medicine since it doesnt seem like doctors really put much thought into what they are prescribing anymore.

Hi OOO - this might be getting a bit beyond the range of what anyone on this forum would know about, with the exception of Christine herself. If you are still in need of guidance, you might want to schedule a consult; she has given you Lanny's phone number above. Good luck and I hope you continue to see improvement. - Surviving