have my uterus and ovaries but not tubes


I'm so glad to have found this website and forum last night when I was pretty scared after coming home yesterday afternoon from what I thought would be a not too unusual appointment with a gynecologist who treats menopause (I'm almost at one year without periods -56) but due to endometriosis, wanted to talk to this new dr about hormones and have an annual exam as I was pretty past due.
I was told that the incontinence I thought was just because of age, weak pelvic floor etc\ was because of a cystocele. She said it was 'saggy' and could see this as she started her exam. She referred me to see a urologist and sent me home with instructions on kegels but didn't seem overly concerned except asked me how many children I'd had. And I haven't had any (though would have liked).
So when I got home, I googled cystocele and was scared and stunned.
Then I came upon an interview with Christine and linked back to this website and started reading. I ordered her book and 3 DVDs this morning.
I'm so glad more wasn't taken out besides my tubes during surgery 5 years ago when I had laproscopy to unstick all the endometrial adhesions. Without those, though, am I less helpable? Is pelvic surgery, whether hysterectomy or what I had done, in the same kind of category where it will be harder to maintain even with this program.
I've been feeling defective since yesterday, and guilty that I haven't exercised and eaten better all my life and that it's all my fault somehow. I read that it runs in families and my mother has passed now, but she had a pessary (which she didn't use much due to discomfort,) but she always thought her problem was from 3 breach babies and difficult labors.
I feel pretty alone and sad and the 2 people I shared this pretty much brushed it off saying, oh that's really common, and 'well no one dies from it. So, to be here I so appreciate.

Hi Lynn and welcome,
Well your friends are right about one thing, You can't die from having prolapse, but if you don't ever do anything about it, you can also lead a pretty uncomfortable life.
The best thing for you is that you have found this very important work and are on your way to improving your symptoms as well as dissipating that fear we all have when initially finding prolapse.
Any kind of surgeries could potentially affect prolapse to some degree, but I think that is really an individual thing. If you have your uterus still, you have the hub of the wheel that pulls all the other organs with it into the lower belly.
I just wanted to welcome you, and when you get your materials, you will have this eye opening experience on how this important work will help you get your life back.

Hi Dear Lynn,
A little welcome note to say that after I read Christine's book I felt like I had found the answer to my issues after a loooong wait...( I had been feeling really scared and alone).- Christine and the lovely ladies on the forum helped me so much that five years later here I am....

Some years before finding WW, I had tried kegels as recommended and ended up with constant urinary urgency which I had never experienced before, so I stopped doing them!

The sagginess that you mention - my vulva sat in the curve of my hand underneath me,and it went away with the posture after a while, just one of the many benefits I have experienced and so grateful for!

Yes, I find it a journey I mostly do on my own here in my corner of the world, however I am with you and all the other thousands of ladies, a collective community all over! You are not alone...

I do talk about it when I get the opportunity and will never know sometimes whether a seed of awakening has been sewn, but I am ok with that.

All the best,
let us know how you are going,
Much love,
Aussie Soul Sister

Thank you so much. I'm anxious for the materials I ordered to arrive. Technology wise, streaming videos, etc., isn't working well for me at the moment, so hard copies of everything for me :)
I've been using the search box a lot in the forums to find some answers to questions while I wait. Until the order arrives, my biggest concern is doing something the wrong way that will make the prolapse worse. The reading in the forums I've done seems to say that prolapses have been progressing in our bodies over a lengthof time so a few wrong moves, etc., is unlikely to cause mine to get much worse. But please correct me if I'm understanding this wrong. Hate to admit that I'm feeling a bit paranoid right now about nearly every action I take. This is embarrassing to say but I appreciate this safe place to do this and any advice.

To hear another share similar anxieties, fears, as well as their journey and successes is a blessing. Thank you for your openness and concern.