52 with prolapse and possible rectocele


Hello. I am new and haven't been able to review videos. I do understand that comments are not medical advice but opinions/observations/experience. I am 52 with history of constipation and hemmorrhoids, no period for 11 months, no discharge or pain, no leakage but feel like sitting on ball. I have a Dr apt but not for another month for a diagnosis only. But until then, a d I apologize for being so graphic, I have 2 masses blocking vaginal canal entrance. Any idea on what it could be, if urgent, and will it be a bad idea for coitus. Any advice?

Hi Dasher.....I would venture to say you have the most common form of prolapse, which is a combination of cystocele (bladder bulging into front vaginal wall) and rectocele (rectum bulging into back vaginal wall). This can be safely and effectively managed with Whole Woman posture and practices. Your doctor will most likely suggest surgical repairs......this is a disastrous response to a common chronic condition, and I hope that you will read up on this site before taking any steps. Start by watching this, BEFORE you see the doc:

There is no substitute for taking the time to do your own research. - Surviving

Thank you and I plan on doing research this weekend. My husban
d is not very understanding, do you think relations are possible? Thank You so much.

Thank you and I plan on doing research this weekend. My husban
d is not very understanding, do you think relations are possible? Thank You.

Hi Dasher,
Yes, you can have sex with prolapse. It is actually very beneficial in getting the organs moving in the right direction. Since you are postmenopausal, you may have dryness though, so a dab of raw local honey once or twice a day will do the trick.
Lanny has actually written a letter to husbands that may be helpful for you. I'll try to find it.

Here it is:


Go to the tool bar above to read all the great information about prolapse and the whole woman work. It will be very helpful in getting you started and more comfortable with what you are going through. You are not alone in this.

Thank you so so much. I will be reading and watching this evening.

All the advice above is excellent and I have followed this help and advice for over 3years and it has kept me fit and healthy and given me my life back. The raw organic honey is amazing for promoting the good flora to keep the vagina healthy .I also use raw organic coconut oil for more external use especially when I am walking for hours in the mountains.Those two things really help me and r safe to use. The letter Lanny wrote was perfect for explaining Pop to my oh,hope it helps u too.I find the dvd First Aid for Prolapse is excellent and have used it for over 3years. The importance of food and exercise in coping with Pop cannot be over estimated.There r some tips on this site re diet .Good luckXX