I have finally managed to join this wonderful forum and this is my first post.
I was diagnosed with a stage 3 uterine prolapse, moderate rectocele, moderate-to-large cystourethrocele, and nocturia over two years ago, although I now realize that I had missed symptoms like the bulge, leaky tampons, waking up to urinate at night, and bowel movement changes that began well before the prolapse diagnosis.

Details regarding rectocele: 1) Many days I have to rush to the toilet the moment I feel the pressure. I am not able to control the stool if I wait even for a couple of minutes. 2) I used to clear my bowels in one morning visit for decades in the past. For the past 3-4 years, I have been having two bowel movements, sometimes three, everyday. No matter how careful I am with my diet, I have not been able to clear my bowels in one visit. My first visit is easy and it mostly feels like I have emptied my bowels completely. But, once I have a cup of tea and/or breakfast, I feel the urge again and this visit is difficult because I feel the urge to eliminate but it’s difficult to do so. And if I have a subsequent third visit, that’s very difficult. The second and third bowel movements are difficult in that: a) I know I need to clear my bowels but can’t; b) Even after the second visit, there is always a feeling that I haven’t eliminated completely.

For the past three years, since I turned 50, my primary care physician has been asking me to get a colorectal screening. I have been trying my best to avoid it. Finally, a few months back, I received a fecal immunochemical test (FIT) kit in mail from the doctor’s office. Since it seemed to be a harmless test, I did it, and it came back positive. Since I haven’t had hemorrhoids, it was surprising. Recently, when I went for my annual exam, I brought this up with the primary care physician. She did an anoscopy and said that I had two little hemorrhoids inside my anus. “All women who have given birth have a couple of hemorrhoids”, she said. She doubted that they caused the positive FIT test. When I asked her if we could repeat the FIT test, she agreed but said that even if recheck is normal, she couldn’t rule out higher colon lesion/cancer.

She reiterated that I should get a colonoscopy. I told her that I am concerned about the test, given my rectocele. She said that the tissues would stretch out but they would go back to their normal state after the test. I am not so sure. I read some previous posts about colonoscopy on this forum, but didn’t get a clear understanding if this test could worsen rectocele. I don’t want a colonoscopy, but am only thinking about it since the stool test results were positive.

My questions:
--Is it common to experience urgency (almost fecal incontinence if not rushing to the toilet) with rectocele?
--Is it common to have two to three bowel movements with rectocele?
--What are the chances that the internal hemorrhoids were the source of blood in the stool?
--Do they measure the amount of blood when they do the stool test?
--What could I do to ensure that the bleeding from these hemorrhoids--if there is any--stops before I repeat the stool test?
--Is there a way to eliminate internal hemorrhoids for good?
--Also, I would really appreciate any tips on what I could do to avoid waking up at least two to three times at night with the urge to urinate? (I have already been careful about my intake of fluids before bedtime. My only intake of caffeine is a cup of tea in the morning.)
I really appreciate your patience with this long post!

Hi! I was diagnosed with a stage 2 rectocele in Jan, but it had been building since my last birth in 2012. I was on a trampoline and suddenly felt things drop down. Life changed after that. I used to have complete BM's, once a day, in the morning. Now, some days it's all day long. I have one in the morning that feels complete, then an hour later (after coffee), a second one occurs. Then usually around 10 or after lunch...again. This one is always a bit harder and sometimes I can't complete it fully and then discomfort for the rest of the day. Staying hydrated has really helped me with this. I hope you get some answers on your other questions.

I found that for the most part, rectocele simply aggravated other issues that were largely related to diet, eating habits, and stress. The incomplete emptying will be greatly helped when you have adopted Whole Woman posture and toileting practices; you haven't mentioned whether or not you are looking into this, but of course, the WW work is why this forum exists.

One thing you might try is to eat three distinct meals within an 8- or 10-hour window, and then let your system rest for the other 14 or 16 hours. My tendency to snack and graze throughout my waking hours kept my bowels active around the clock; this doesn't help! I still struggle with this, but at least I have seen the connection for myself, and that's an incentive. Avoid sugar and processed foods; eat leafy greens, cruciferous veggies, healthy fats, fermented foods for a healthy gut environment. Don't overeat. I recently had a major bowel attack a few hours after overdosing on walnuts!

Can't advise you re: the colonoscopy. I had one in my 50's because of symptoms I was having, and a family history of diverticulitis. This was before I became aware of prolapse, but certainly it was in the works at the time. I'll never know if it contributed. Because I had no significant findings, I'm not sure I would have another. I might feel differently if I had red flags such as you have. You should be OK if you alert your technician to be extra careful. Many things can cause a temporary setback in prolapse management; posture, firebreathing, care and knowledge eventually set things right again. The WW work is an on-going thing; we all notice the bulge much more if we get lazy about it.

I know I haven't addressed all your questions. I don't know much about hemorrhoids (had them during pregnancies, mainly). You can use the search box to look for other posts and wait for more responses. But keep in mind this isn't really a medical-type forum......we are all just giving our opinions and experiences here. - Surviving

Just wanted to say I have the same issue with the bowel changes, and feeling the urgency. But doctors have refused to admit anything wrong, I'm only 30. It's reaallllyy hard, I'm sorry; but as others said I think hydration and diet helps. I've been eating raw honey and raw sauerkraut but can still work on my diet. It really sucks! But surgery is scarier. Christine has a ton of great info and read trough the old forum posts.

Also I'd be scared of a colonoscopy too especially since the medical community doesn't want to acknowledge or find out about these issues it seems, I don't trust them or think they know all. That being said, you want to rule out cancer, is there another option they can offer for a diagnostic test? It might be more expensive but less potentially harmful to you. (I don't know if it would harm a rectocele but it would scare me- I feel like it got worse after a dr manual exam so could imagine the colonscopy bothering the tissue) good question and wish I had an answer

Thank you, Militarymom1, Surviving60, and ppkate, for your kind thoughts.

I have been trying to implement WW toileting practice. It’s still difficult. The other issue with the technique has to do with the mess. Sorry to be so graphic, but when your butt is raised off of the toilet seat, the elimination makes a mess with the fecal matter making a splash and the water from the toilet bowl and droplets of feces splashing out. Any thoughts?

So far, I have only managed to remember the WW posture if I am taking a walk. Once I am at home or out running errands, I forget about the posture while cooking or grocery shopping. Also, are you able to always keep the vacuum cleaner to the side or not bend forward to mop?

Another option is a sigmoidoscopy, but it’s a partial exam. I don’t know how to make sure that there is no bleeding from the hemorrhoids (even though the doctor didn’t think that caused the blood in the FIT test). Then I would repeat the FIT test. I can’t see myself going for a colonoscopy!

Thanks for the reminder not to overeat!!!

If you lay a short strip or two of toilet paper on the water surface before getting down to business, it lessens the splash effect.

Thank you, skagway! I will try this out!

Hi sunflower. Welcome to WW. You will find a lot of help here and the book and videos will really help you understand the posture and how it can work throughout the day.
I am a housekeeper and work about 10 hours a day bending, mopping, vacuuming. I do the best I can to maintain the posture and t had made such a difference in my symptoms. It takes practice and I do feel some days it feels more difficult but the more you do it, the more second nature it becomes. When I am not doing as well with the posture while working, my symptoms tend to remind me! The prolapse first aid video is a great one to start with. I think it even has a little blurb on vacuuming in the posture. Just so the best you can! My symptoms have improved so much just by doing the best I can. I forget sometimes or am tired but I always get back on track.
Walking every day is really great to, I agree it seems the easiest time to stay in the posture. Good luck!