Revisiting observations regarding urine retention and increase in bad bacteria counts


Hello there... I am revisiting this since lots is being learned about the lining of gut and tissues, mucous and microbes etc this past year that is getting more mainstream. After doing some observing of thyroid med and electrolytes... I am thinking how else can i stop the dr from continuing to prescribe antibiotics for my mom to cover himself? My mom is NOT racing to pee every few minutes. SHe can actually hold urine for approx 2 hours. So doesn't that indicate that there is no infection? Are there normal cognitive mentally cognitively sharp elderly women that that are physically fit and without posture or balance problems that get positive UTI bacteria above 100,000 but no negative body or mental symptoms..? Is there some article written specifically regarding this issue of gram positive and negative bacteria with dropped bladders and the elderly. Does estrogen in the late stages if a person still has a great quality of life a good thing if it makes the tissue between the intestines and the bladder less permeable?

Hi chickenfeet. - I can't answer most of your questions, but with regard to the antibiotics, can you request some new labwork on your mom, and see if there is indeed any indication of infection? Obtain the actual printed results and do your own research. If there is no infection you can certainly insist they not administer antibiotics. - Surviving

Thank you Surviving,
What markers as far as labs reveals infection? Can you tell me? Are you referring to urine culture labs or cbc and others? The functional biochemist/nutritionist I use said that the supplements I was using will kill bad bacteria AND fungus. He was confident that silver and olive leaf at 20% olio..... works. and said he would not use the antibiotics if it were his mom. He also agreed that uti is not a hygein issue but a permeability from digestion organ to bladder. Anyone care to expand on this ?

I can't answer your questions myself, except to say that my elderly mom was put on antibiotics at least once for a suspected UTI before the urine culture even came back. I was never sure what the actual results were, and I didn't push it because when they were gone, she stopped taking them. In your case if they are continuing to prescribe them, you should press for answers. - Surviving