Feeling discouraged.


I'm 62 and have a rectal intussusception and other prolapse issues. No surgeries and would like to avoid any. I'm trying to have successful bowel movements with psyllium husk, bran, lots of vegetables but it seems to only work with magnesium citrate added. Will the body work help with this? I've been doing it for about three months now and will continue with firebreathing, new kegels, posture, etc. I had to take senna last night and am feeling discouraged today as I lay on the heating pad which has become my constant companion. Is red raspberry leaf any help with these issues? My diet has been vegetarian, practically vegan, for a long time, so I'm at a loss of how to naturally promote regular bowel movements. BM's have turned into quite the ritual and painful. I use an enema bulb each time to clean out the large pocket that formed four months ago when this problem became what it is now. So that issue is resolved for now. I'm saddened by this development as I can't travel to visit my son and grandchildren. I'm hoping this improves.

Hi eve62,
Sometimes too much help as in combining the variety of fiber and supplements can work against your efforts. Finding the right balance can be a challenge, and is really a personal journey. I have never had rectal intussusception or even rectal prolapse, but I did find a softening of the back wall and difficulty in having bowel movements, but, I know from doing the whole woman work and dietary changes really helped me to have much easier bowel movements than before I started this work, and it took me longer than 3 months to get there; it was more like a year into this work for me to see those changes.
Some things you could try are the fermented foods which really create a better environment in the gut, the toileting posture that Christine describes would also be very helpful, and jiggling and firebreathing before and after toileting is a good tool.
It may take some time for you to get it all worked out, but I think with some experiment and changes over time, it will all start to work more smoothly for you.

just saw my gyne and have a dropped uterus and bladder....she said i have three options..do nothing, be fitted with a pessary or surgery...i am feeling so sad and hopeless..i have ordered Christine's book ...any words of comfort out there

Hi Pollyanne,

Try to be happy. Your condition has been developing for many years, but it took a medical diagnosis to make it into a real and scary entity. There is no surgical cure for prolapse. The work is all about lifting your abdominal organs up and your pelvic organs forward. Prolapse is really an orthopedic condition, not a gynecologic condition.

Happiness is a huge part of the WW work, which I only know because I've had to learn it for myself. Like the uterus itself, the round ligaments of the uterus respond to oxytocin - the "love" hormone. Living these blessed human lives in depression is a terrible waste.

Prepare a bowl of fresh pineapple and oranges and go sit in the sun for 15 or 20 minutes while you eat them. Do some firebreathing (which you'll learn from the book), then pull up into WW posture. Your discouragement will likely change to awe and wonder at the Nature of your unique and miraculous human body. Only you can do the WW work, no one else can do it for you.

Wishing you well,


I do not know if I have a rectal prolapse but I assume I do as I have had trouble for years having a bowel movement and would have rectal pain/pressure around my period.
That being said what I have found that helps is the toileting posture Christine recommends. As far as diet, I don't eat anything special just healthy fresh food. I take magnesium citrate which has been a god send. I also walk and hike every day rain or shine in the posture. That is probably what helps the most! Of course drink lots and lots of water as well.
Most of these things were habit for me before realizing I had POP but reading Christine's book and watching the videos have really enforced the importance of. Ring responsible for my health. The posture has really improved my symptoms. Good luck!

Hi Eve62,

I would also reinforce the toileting position, it has transformed my life!

I have a rectocele with intussusception, I have also used Magnesium Citrate but not for ages.

For me psyllium and bran made me worse.

I have added lots of prebiotic foods such as leeks, onions, garlic, as well as eating vegetables and fruits such as apple with the skin on.

You can google the list of prebiotic food and things like sauerkraut and kimchi may help too.

Also eat as little processed food and sugar as these can constipate you

Eating these plus the correct toileting position and jiggling has transformed my life.

It is rare for me not to go unless I am on holiday or my routine is interrupted.

Hope this help you.