New kegel posture


"Sit comfortably on the floor. This can be done in a chair as well, but sitting crosslegged on the floor is far more beneficial. When the hips are externally rotated, the belly and pelvis (and therefore pelvic organs) can rotate into their most forward positions.
Now…keeping the upper body posture (shoulders down!), raise your arms into a graceful full moon circle above your head. Your hands should be above your forehead rather than above the crown." Hi I have the first video. Everyone is seated, legs underneath them. Can't do that bad knee. I ca sit cross legged. So when the above instructions say cross legged, like I did when I was a kid? Simple cross legged? And arms above forehead rather than crown. That one confuses me. At forehead level but not as high as crown? Thank you much.

Hi Eve - just follow the instructions as best you can. What is really most important in these pelvic rocks is that you are performing the correct breathing sequence as given. We can't explain it here any better than Christine does. - Surviving