Just newly diagnosed


Today I feel defeated. Exhausted from years of bladder issues. Diagnosed with a bladder cystocele. I'm tired. Discouraged. Hiding on my couch.

Hi Megg,
So sorry you are feeling blue. We have all felt that way upon finding prolapse, but fortunately you have found your way to this website! Here you will find the information and help to get your life back as so many of us have.
Can you tell us a little more about yourself? Then we can give you the best advice and guide you in the right direction.

Hello Megg,

Aging gracefully is certainly right. You have found your way to the right place! I also have been diagnosed with a cystocele. But I found my way here end of July, a week before a scheduled repair and removal of my uterus! The little I read that night made me realize surgery wasn't the right path.

I've since read Saving the Whole Woman and from that alone have had some relief from bladder pressure. I'm also using the First Aid for Prolapse DVD. The women in this forum are encouraging and they are giving me the confidence that I can do this. You can too. Don't let it defeat you. Fight and defeat it. Let's do it together! Hang in there. Little by little it will get better.

A cystocele is very manageable with the Whole Woman work. But yes, we do need to know a little more, such as, what are the bladder issues you have had over the years? Are you post-partum, pre or post-menopause? Any history of pelvic surgeries? Please share.....we can better assist and support you the more we know. - Surviving

I am so glad to be here. I am reading all I can about this and truly appreciate the support! This has been so difficult. I am 60. My sons were both huge babies. I have interstitial cystitis and struggle with that. I bought a house last year and that started all the stress. I am a social worker helping the world when I can barely help myself. I had paraesophageal hiatal hernia surgery fifteen months ago and ended up with chronic constipation. And now this. I will get better. I'm a strong person and deserve the rest of my life to be healthy. Thanks for listening! :)

IC is autoimmune and I presume at this point you have probably done your own research into the best type of anti-inflammatory eating. Chronic constipation is definitely a contributing factor to prolapse so make sure you are getting lots of good organic leafy greens and cruciferous veggies, and healthy fats. Fermented foods daily (such as sauerkraut, the real kind) are great for gut health. Get as much sugar and processed foods out of your diet as possible. Exercise is essential to keep things moving which is one reason you need to get into the WW postural work as soon as you can, so you can learn how to move and carry yourself in such a way that the organs can move forward, away from the vaginal space. You do have control, there is nothing to fear here. Good luck to you. - Surviving

Hi Megg. Im also new to the WW lifestyle and feeling low today because I've recently started with the posture work and it seems to be going so slowly for me. Some days I feel great because I can feel it works and I dont have symptoms until later in the afternoon but if my bladder begins to bulge at the entrance to my vagina early in the day I feel like giving up. Im 56, also have cystocele and have spent much of my life "working my guts out" to help others and neglecting my own needs. Now Ive given up my job as a teacher and am full time at home working on developing the lifestyle I want...relaxed, contact with family, time to exercise mindfully, eat well, practice the posture and generally heal myself. Im really glad I have chosen this new lifestyle, but sometimes it is lonely and I feel insecure. So Im glad you shared your feelings and also encouraged by all the comments of others on the website who have replied. Hope you keep posting.

Dear Braveheart,
We have a wonderful poetry / thought forum here and here is a link below to what I wrote about 3 yrs ago. It is based on the fact that we are connected here. In our corners of the world we are working perhaps alone as I do, mindful that there are many thousands of women, with Christine and Lanny, doing the same, together paving change...


In all our journeys with WW together,
wishing you all the best,

Aussie Soul Sister

Thank you. The poem is beautiful and so is your name. I come from New Zealand and am now living in Denmark so when I meet someone from Aus, its almost like connecting with home. One of my best ever friends lives in Australia and she loves to make patchwork quilts! So your poem spoke to me in more ways than one. Thank you dear sister.

Thank you everyone! I've been doing the postures, getting better office chairs and lumbar support. Sharing info and will get better. The only thing I'm concerned about is I had a hiatal hernia surgery with a Nissen wrap so I worry about the exercises. Any comments? My surgery was major and I'm still recovering 15 months out! Thanks!

I'm trying to stay positive. I'm so crushed by my recovery from a hiatal hernia surgery 15 months ago. The constipation is awful. I do everything to avoid it and it just doesn't help. I'm really sad. :(

Ordered a better chair for work, lumbar support for my car because I am in social work. Doing an anti inflammatory diet. Chasing wellness. Thank you for your kind words and support.

Thankyou Braveheart for your most kind words and I am so glad that what I wrote is helpful to you!

You made my day!

ThankYou Sister!

Aussie Soul Sister