Newly diagnosed at 28 years old


Hello :-) I have recently been diagnosed with a cystocele and rectocele, grade 1. I am only 28 and never had children. I am yet to have issues with incontinence, and bowel movements aren't too much of an issue right now (obviously not as easy as they used to be), but I have a bulge from both with going to the bathroom and I have a pressure discomfort after standing for a period. I'm a bartender so this is proving an issue. I also have a growth on my right ovary, possibly a cyst (waiting for the ultrasound). Sometimes I have a burning like pain my vagina, feels like it's at my cervix. I experience rectal pain often, very much worse when sitting or lying on my back - does anyone else get this?

Any advice anyone can give me will be very much appreciated, I'm feeling very scared and helpless right now. Luckily I have a very supportive husband who is helping my through this.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Jessica and welcome,
Although there is some discomfort with prolapse as in aching, burning, heaviness, bulging, it is not usually severely painful and most feel relief when laying down, so I'm not sure where that is coming from. Could be the cyst on the ovary, but I'd only be guessing.
I had some vaginal burning upon finding prolapse and the suggestion of raw local honey greatly relieved that symptom.
The whole woman posture will help the most over time. Have a good read around this website to learn more about this very important work, and then you can check out all the products in the whole woman store. The Saving the Whole Woman book and First Aid for Prolapse video are a great start into this work, but there are many other options and bundles to choose from.
Let us know if you have any more questions.

Jessica I actually experience rectal pain occasionally. It seems to happen at certain times in my cycle and is often combined with some uterine cramping. I assume it is from a rectocele. It has happened less since a started the posture and practice the bathroom techniques that Christine recommends. I try to not ever be constipated. I do take magnesium citrate which has helped.

I am also on my feet all day for my job and at first felt overwhelmed by how I was going to continue. Since using the posture and firebreathing my symptoms are so much better. I rarely feel the bulge and when I do it's not nearly what it was.

Hope things get better!

Thank you very much for the comments, I've just ordered the WW starter bundle so looking forward to getting started with that. Fingers crossed!