New here & Physical therapy


Hello! I'm new here. I have just started physical therapy for my prolapse. I think it's my bladder. I don't leak ever. But there's a bulge and when looking with a mirror it's there. But then other times it's not there at all. And there's no rhyme or reason to why sometimes it's there or not. When I go see the PT she says I don't have one that showing. She believes me it's just not noticeable when I'm being examined. So I have a lot of exercises I'm supposed to do to help strengthen. I have told her I feel like sometime they seem like they are making it worse. So she's checked me to see if I'm doing them properly and has me doing very safe exercises.

Also I have diastis recti in my upper abbs. 3 fingers wide.

Also I have I think a varicose vein in my labia area???? I'm going to see a doctor soon to confirm it but it's a fleshy purple bulge.

Anyway....I bought the DVD fundamentals and the self healing vagina. I'm very excited to get started with WW.

Any advice on PT? What about a squaty potty? I have that and use it.

I'm a mom of 5, all vaginal births with no major issues. My last birth was a year ago. Thanks!

Hi Watermelon and welcome,
You will find that many of our postpartum moms have had problems with traditional PT; if you go to the pregnancy and prolapse section of the forum, you will find more of their stories.

Here is a link to a post of Christine's on the squatty potty:

Keep looking around this website as it is loaded with a lot of great information on the whole woman work, and please feel free to come back and ask questions if you need more help.

p.s. Christine's Goddess Belly DVD covers the diastasis recti very well with helpful information and exercises to help you along.

Thank you!