need advice re how WW exercises will impact back pain


I am thinking about buying the dvd's and book to try the program for prolapse.
But from what I understand the posture and relaxed belly are the opposite of what seems to help my lower back pain. I tend to tighten my core and hold in my belly when lifting or sitting or walking and when I do my back feels much better. I am worried that the posture of WW might aggravate my back. So before I invest in this program I would like to understand more about others experience with this.
thank you

I have been studying and practicing whole woman posture for 6 months. When I first started I found that it did make my back pain worse but I had a couple of sessions with a whole woman practitioner who checked my posture and made some very helpful suggestions. Since then my back pain has been much better in fact the only time I had a problem was when I was sitting in a very large soft chair for over an hour at my elderly mothers. From now on I will be using her dining room chairs when I visit!

I had some issues with back pain when first starting this work also, and I had a bad hip coming into this already, but I threw myself into it, and kept those posture principles in my mind trusting that the concepts that I was reading was the correct body alignment we should have always had in the first place.
That little bit of discomfort goes away with dedication with this work, and my really bad hip pain went away.
If you do have continued pain, then mummyduck's advice is spot on. Some of us need a little hands on or extra attention. Nothing wrong with that.
The concept of relaxed belly is hard for us with the distorted body form we have become accustomed to, but you will find in studying this work, that what we were taught is all wrong and that there is a strength in the ww posture, a much stronger and more natural form than we ever knew was possible.

Hi Seaswan, I'm only couple of months into WW, and I too am having increased back pain with both the toileting posture and the walking/standing/sitting posture. But the benefits of these postures are a huge joy! So I'm determined to find ways to make the postures work. Luckily, for me firebreathing is always fine IF I do it slowly -- so I do! Love it! My back issues are serious: a scan 18 months ago showed a lumbar vertebra that had slipped forward, with the disc bulging out in back. I do need to be careful. (BTW, two specialists, a chiropractor, and a physical therapist told me the back issues would never improve without surgery, and would inevitably worsen -- exactly what I was told about prolapse -- but with exercises, therapeutic massage, yoga, acupuncture, diet changes, and other holistic healing modalities, my back has improved tremendously. So it makes sense that my protruding cervix can too, right?) I think Christine mentioned that she's working on new material for using WW when one has a back injury -- thank you, thank you, Christine! Any updates on that yet?

Thank you all for your helpful experiences. This gives me the encouragement to try the exercises. There aren't any practioners near me but hopefully the info in book and dvd will be enough.

Any more thoughts and experiences re back pain would be welcome!

Try it! :)

I don't have a specific back injury but have had frequent back and hip pain in the past 7 years. I am a professional house cleaner and so a lot of it is probably work related. Before WW I would wake up in pain most mornings and then as the day progressed and with stretching and exercise it would improve. Since I have been practicing the whole woman posture my back and hip pain has almost entirely gone away! Obviaouky it is all related. I hope the same is true for you as your get into the work!

*obviously. Hard to type on a phone some times!