Would it be ok to ask a question for my mum. She is 76 and suffers from severe pain and incontinence. The pain she describes as stabbing pains and this is in the back and front. She is also experiencing pooing as well. She is in and out the toilet every 10/15 minutes sometimes during the night.

She has been to the hospital 3 times now where they have investigated and have found that the bladder has been inflamed and they have taken biopsy and stretched her bladder which brings her some relief.

She has no prolapse, but this has been going on for so long that it has taken over her life. She has given her consent to me sharing on this forum.

She said that it was some kind of cystitus but couldnt remember the name although she is going to find out.

Hi Space,
Sorry to hear of your mom's troubles, but if she is experiencing the kind of pain you describe, we wouldn't be the best ones to ask as this is not a medical site.
There may be others that have experienced this condition that may come on to contribute. Otherwise, you might want to book a consult with Christine for further information.

I think you should take her to see a doc!! it is the best thing to do in this situation

Its called interstitual cystitus and she has been to doctor/hospital as explained above, im wondering if WW posture would help her, i literally cannot find any info on this anywhere, its crazy isnt it.

IC is generally considered an autoimmune disease, and as such, the best management is dietary. You can research this for yourself if you have not already......start by eliminating processed foods and sugar. You need to address inflammation and gut health. Consider vitamin D levels, and environmental toxins. You should be able to find quite a lot of information if you look.

Will WW posture help? WW posture always helps, because it is the only really healthy way for a woman to carry her body; the long term benefits for hips, spine, all aspects of health and well-being are enormous. - Surviving