Pelvic xray


I got a pelvic xray due to low back pain and hip pain after labor and delivery x 3 months to r/o fracture. The radiologist impression says there is: ill-defined soft tissue density/prominence in the mid pelvis which could represent fluid-filled bowel loops. bladder outline appears unremarkable, multiple pelvic phleboliths noted. Ultrasound is recommended if symptoms persist.
Is this my bowel prolapsed down that is showing up? I am desperately trying to figure out what is going on with my body so I can help it. Thank you

Not sure what to say about your Xrays. The Forum isn't really for medical advice and to be honest, you've already gotten a really good jump-start on what you need to work on, directly from Christine herself. We are here to help but it's time for you to plunge into the postural work, which is your best avenue now. - Surviving