I am needing to apply pressure to the perinium when having a bm...usually the second one of the day. Will this eventually make my Rectocele worse? I am pushing up on the area so the smaller pieces can come out. If I don't, I am uncomfortable. Any experience with this?

I am doing posture, finally figured out fire breathing, and diaphramic breathing....but still, I am splinting.

AS with everything, these things take time. Many of our ladies that started out splinting found they had to do less and less of it as time went on, and as the organs moved more forward stretching the rectum into a better shape for evacuation.
You may want to add in some jiggling and firebreathing before and after going to the bathroom as this can be helpful in better placement of the pelvic organs.

Agree with AG....and I don't think you need to worry about the splinting causing problems. If it allows you to evacuate with less straining, then overall it's helping. Sometimes when I go and it feels incomplete, I just figure I'll get the rest next time, and I usually do. So if your first BM of the day is more successful than subsequent ones, that might work for you. - Surviving