Prolapsed Cervix


Hi Ladies,

Five years ago I received a dx of a prolapsed cervix at my annual exam and shortly after, I found the Whole Woman organization. (Thankfully, before seeing a gynecologist whose recommendations were dismal and lack of information, shocking). I have read & re-read the Book and last year, purchased 'The WW Solution to Pelvic Organ Prolapse', both of which have been very helpful. I do some of the exercises daily, and definitely notice if I miss a day or two.

Everything I have learned from WW has saved me from going the surgery route, and am managing my problem without medical intervention. However, a recent problem has brought me to register on this forum to ask if anyone has any suggestions. The 'bulge' (which comes & goes) has an abrasion on the bottom of it and because of the location, is very hard to heal. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Hi 5 years ago,
Of course, we all know that keeping the cervix inside as much as we can is the best thing we can do, but when that is not always possible, keeping it moisturized is very important. Many suggestions have been made over the years for healing the cervix here on the forum. Some that I can remember are bliss balm, flax omega 3 oil, coconut oil, and don't forget raw local honey which really has a good healing affect. Some barrier creams have been used as well to protect the area from further chafing.
You may also want to increase your jiggling and firebreathing. This a very important tool in keeping the cervix inside as much as we can.
Having a good diet can also help the body in faster healing, so that is also something to keep in mind.
Hope you find some of this helpful for your situation.

I am panicking because I had no bulges from my cystocele but now I do. I've been using the WW posture and exercise for several weeks (on and off for several months) and I thought it was better but then back it came. Do all of us have a "bulge" at one time or other? How bad can it get? My doctor said I would have injury to nerves if I didn't have surgery - is that true? Oddly enough I don't have Incontinence - don't want it either :) How long does it usually take to get more comfortable?

Hi Texasgal,
Set backs are not uncommon. The bulge is a good indicator that you may need to work a little more consistently on those posture principles. And, you can also throw in some jiggling and firebreathing several times a day to get yourself back on track. Also, pay attention to what you may be doing that is throwing you out of posture, usually the bulge is telling us something about our daily activities and how we are going about them.
That's the beauty of the whole woman work; you can begin again whenever you need to.


I greatly appreciate the support