Should I be concerned about Prolapse that bulges


It's been about 11 years since I first went to a doctor to discover what to do about my prolapse - I went to several different doctors who all said there was no problem - was appalled by their lack of concern. Now, 11 yrs later, I am finding it is increasing difficult to even walk without having to reposition my prolapse, as it bulges from within and is difficult to walk or do other activities. I am 74 years old and wonder what I should do - I am concerned that this situation could be injurious to my other organs. Any suggestions - I did use a pessiary several yrs back but found it to be a nuisance. Thank you.

Hi GardeningAngel. Yes, of course you should be concerned; you need to be learning how to manage your prolapse safely and naturally, so that you can get on with life without fear and limitations. That is what this site and Christine Kent's work are all about. You can start by watching this for an overview:

Then feel free to come back with your questions; we have a helpful community here. It is never too late to start and to benefit from this work. - Surviving

Thank you for the video - now I need to know what to do next to prevent any further deterioration - I have been an active woman - hiking, etc - now I slow-walk with my dog - I would like to learn proper posture/exercises, etc to help my condition - I live in rural community about 20 miles from Pittsburgh - are there any of your support folks nearby - being with people with similar problems would really help - thanks again

If you check the Practitioners tab, you will see the closest one to you is Carol in the Philadelphia area. But if you cannot travel, I think all of them will do Skype sessions. There will be some new grads next month, but i don't know where they are yet. I would recommend that you get yourself some materials and get started on your own first. Booking with a practitioner will have much more value to you, when you have been studying and practicing the concepts on your own. Also follow the forum and check out all parts of the site. - Surviving