Just starting on this journey


Hi, I came upon this site in my quest for answers or hope. I am a 42 year old who was recently diagnosed with stage 2 prolapse. It wasn't a surprise because there is a family history of it. In fact my mother died due to catching sepsis after surgery to repair the prolapse. I guess my questions are more to do with my options. I am a divorced mother to a 7 year old boy (he was born by c section) and both my parents are gone. I really have no one else to rely on so I am trying to learn what's in my best interest as far as treatment so that I can continue to be a good mother to my child. Right now it's more bothersome than painful but I am concerned it will get much worse. Any suggestions on what I should research first.

Additionally does the prolapse cause the similar sensations as a UTI, (I don't have one but it feels like I do) and is there a reason it feels worse during my period?

Thank you in advance

Hi Alex1014 and welcome,
That is the beauty of this work, you can improve prolapse symptoms naturally without dangerous surgery. Christine has done much study on surgery and the many adverse affects of it, after having a bladder surgery herself that resulted in an severe prolapsed uterus.
She has also developed the best methods and found out how our natural form should be- the whole woman posture.
With the posture and breathing, as well as all the exercises, tips, and tricks, she has helped so many of us get our lives back.
So, have a good look around this site, and then go over to the whole woman store where there are many programs to choose from that will suit you best.