Is there hope for my prolapse as I am almost 53


I have recently discovered my uterine prolapse. I have been to the doctor and have an appointment for ultrasound and then with the gynocologist on Aug. 1. I have just recently discovered this website and other help on the internet. I really do not want a hysterectomy knowing all I know now. I will go to my appointments as I want to still ask questions and also find out what stage my prolapse is and if I have a prolapsed bladder also. Is there hope for me to see improvement if I can practice those "new" kegels and use better posture? I also am trying some natural health products and see if they help also. Thanks for any help.

Hi Crazymazy and welcome,
It is never too late to start, and you will see so much improvement with full immersion into this work. That means getting a full understanding of what Christine has researched and developed for us with her very important work.
Many of us started with the Saving the Whole Woman book and First Aid for Prolapse dvd, although there many other options in the whole woman store to choose from.
Take your time and look around the site some more, and then head on over to the whole woman store. If you have any questions about the programs, let us know.