Whole Woman Conference - still time to join us!


Hello Whole Women!

There are still spots left at the upcoming 2017 WW Conference August 11-13.


This year is going to be very special. I have completely new and never-before published information on the pelvis and hips, which will be of keen interest to all women.

We are going to go deeply into the art and science of living well with common pelvic conditions. As an important part of that work, I’m also going to unveil the new and completely revolutionary Whole Woman Posture Belt (anatomically designed by Christine herself ;-) which tips you into WW posture and keeps you there. The only back or hip brace ever needed!

We're going to open the WW Center on Saturday night so you can see where and how I create the circle of life essential for total well-being. It’s possible even downtown!

We have a wonderful new group of WW Practitioners, who will graduate Friday night and be with us all weekend to support you as well.

Come to beautiful New Mexico and join in the fun. Santa Fe is just up the road and the train ride is spectacular.

Hope to meet and work with you soon!


Hello everyone,
Very shortly I will be heading to Albuquerque to work at the Conference with Christine. The Conference is a safe and embarrassment free environment to talk about your prolapse, hips, incontinence and other issues related to these problems. Women lose the sense of shame and isolation when they communicate with other women sharing the same issues. Most importantly we will teach you how you can change your symptoms. You become empowered to take charge of your body and over time when you do your Whole Woman work you will be rewarded. I hope you will join Christine,myself and our new practitioners at the Conference . We still have space. You will leave the Conference on Sunday a changed person. A woman who can manage her symptoms well and lead a very satisfying life style. I know because Whole Woman has worked and continues to work for me. Hope to see you there in a couple of weeks.
Carol Bilek
Whole Woman PA