Christine's Diet


Hi Everyone!

I have read posts about a book that doesn't seem to exist anymore about diet. I'd love to know what works best for helping prolapse in regards to diet, so any tips from people who were able to get that book when it existed?


Hi violin1,
Go to the resources tab above and then the ww living arts. Christine does have some recipes there, and she has a section in her First Aid for Prolapse where she talks about diet.
You can also type it in the search; there is much talk about diet on here!
Generally, the best thing to do is find the right balance that works for you.
Hope that helps some.

Thanks, Aging gracefully! I am on a trip and studying my whole woman stuff, but forgot the book somehow. Rats. I'll review that when I get home. Thanks for the directions to the resources!

Oh yes, your're right! The book has a very good section on food also!

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