Rectocele, diet, and magnesium


Hi Everyone!

I've been doing my posture and the First Aid for Prolapse video, and reading a lot here in the forums about Lopo, which I'm not sure I've quite figured out, lol. I've had struggles with an anal fissure that has FINALLY healed, thank goodness. This caused a lot of sphincter spasming, so I find that my body is really shy about bowel movements right now. It's hard to relax and let them happen, due to the old pattern in the brain about it hurting and the muscle spasms that still linger from the fissure.

I've been using magnesium and vitamin c to keep things really loose, because that has seemed to prevent fissures. I thought it helped me to get everything out, too, but I now see that's not really happening. I'm having the exact same issues that many of you are having with incomplete evacuation and then later in the day, a rectum full of stool and lots of gas, but inability to pass the stool any time other than morning.

I'm just wondering if anyone has noticed it's easier to pass loose or formed stool? I'm possibly keeping it too loose, but I'm a little afraid to go the other way after fissures. I eat mostly fruits and veggies, light on the meat (usually only chicken or fish), whole grains, and a few sweets (and no dairy). I'm kind of afraid to eat, but that always backfires into a hugely hungry day in which I eat a lot.

I have all the same things Louise has written about, so I'm hoping she responds here, or anyone with any success at bowel movements. I find that if I don't go all the way, I get a lot of pain all day (pressure and pain in the rectum and muscle spasms in the pelvic floor). It's hard to evacuate through tense pelvic muscles, which is why I'm having trouble with Lopo. Any advice is welcome! I have a rectocele and cystocele and the uterus is also low and retroverted, but nothing is at the vaginal opening and I'd like to keep it that way! I think there are various things like uterus/bowel pushing down into the rectal space.

I find it easier if the stool is not too soft. Incomplete emptying is indeed a problem with rectocele and when it happens to me, I am usually successful at a future time and don't feel the pain and discomfort you are experiencing. Until you get a handle on this, posture-wise, perhaps a bit of splinting wouldn't be the worst thing. As was commented on one of your other posts, you may be overdoing on the magnesium. Between WW posture and practices, and some dietary changes, I have mostly solved this problem for myself. I do take magnesium but in a better-absorbed form that doesn't soften the stool too much (malate or glycinate). - Surviving

Thanks so much! I appreciate the advice and will experiment! My diet is already really pretty good, so it's just getting over the fear. Splinting has not helped, but lopo does!