Posture Hint


I find that it is difficult to keep my upper body lifted when practicing whole woman posture. In order to help myself with this I have been using the techniques described by the Franklin Method. You can watch this quick video to see what I mean. It really does help you get into whole woman posture and stay there without slouching back into old patterns.

Thanks for sharing! I am really struggling with lifting my chest, posture was never my strong point so learning WW posture has been tough!

I just went through some of these videos, and I am finding some differences with his and Christine's work, as his reference to a pelvic floor for one.

I just want to caution those looking into other alternatives that they might work against the gains you can get from the whole woman work by itself. Christine's work and exercise programs really do help strengthen our bodies into posture when done mindfully and diligently.

Of course, you are all welcome to explore any other disciplines or methods you want to, but when bringing them to this site, please do get permission from Christine and Lanny first.

I did not look at his other videos because I assumed his philosophy was different, but I did find that the little "fascia" massage that the above link sends you to help me to lift my chest better.